The OA. A mini-potted one-off review of the first twenty minutes. Minor Spoilers only. On Netflix in the United Kingdom.

The OA.

An American Science-Fiction drama series.

A mini-potted review of the first twenty minutes.

So the OA is ludicrous tosh. So far. But then I only gave it twenty minutes. Or so.

For the life of me I canna remember how the doleful and artfully styled woman returns home. From being missing for umpteen years since she was about nine. And blind. But she has come back very different..

Now I had problems believing that her character was a teenager. As she looked so very much older. To me.

Anyway she returns after her mysterious absence to a gloomily lit backwater with a slightly sinister air. An ostensibly nice house in a suburb. One house in a development.

A Housing development that was never finished. Because “they” ran out of money. Or something to that effect.

As the antediluvian (by which I mean ancient in appearance) and strangely intense mother of the girl/ woman explains. As they walk one dark night, down the empty road. Where they live.

The mother picks up debris, a sign?  (it is deliberately unclear) from the grass. Spooky.

Apart from this early promising bit of atmosphere described: the young woman who was once girl (it’s all a bit ickily blurred) mooches about moodily. Mumbling about Homer in videos she makes of herself.

Or summat. It’s all very deep and meaningful. Or meant to be.

Then lo and behold she’s going all ninja up in the barn where the local all American High School guy watches calmly as he lets loose his Rottweiler on her.

Yep. ‘Cause that’s how he rolls. In between punching male choir members in the throat. He’s just you average neighbour.

But it’s OK. Because she does a whole super-duper dog whispering mind control thing. Of course.

Then she just has a bit of a wash with her Mum and hey presto. No untoward injuries from being savaged by a Rottweiler.

Poor, understandably curious and intense Mum: is questioning her all the while. About when she was-Away..

But the heroine refuses. No, it is not time yet. I have to talk (some more) to Homer…whilst staring moodily and America’s Next Top Model-ly into space.

When did she get around to dying her hair blonde I wondered. With such artful black roots. Over there in Alien land. Or wherever. Who knew that the other side, dimension, who knows, (we sure don’t know yet) had hair dye? But I digress.

Then, to the best of my recall, more mumbling about Homer, an obsession to get online, presumably to really talk to Homer, and a new alliance occurs. Between the heroine and previously described blue-eyed boy. Her apparently and officially deviant, next door neighbour.

OK not technically next door, as they are all individual houses, outwardly expensive and upmarket. But in an oddly deserted, decayed, slightly, state. Clues being the strange debris found earlier by the heroine’s mother.

When she and the heroine go for a night-time walk. And happen to espy said neighbour and friend, videoing each other up on the roof. Doing back-flips. For a laugh. That’ s how boring it is up there I guess.

In the half-built and abandoned housing development. We are meant to think perhaps, that things have slide sideways somehow. The people there have abandoned hope..

So I did like the initial sort of spooky feel to the OA as described. Then the heroine starts spouting alien, presumably, pearls of wisdom to a teacher.

Oh great. An all wise and knowing and wonderful other being. Thing..



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