The Break. La Trêve. A Belgian Detective murder mystery crime drama. My First Review. Minor spoilers only. On in the United Kingdom on Netflix. In French with English subtitles.

Belgian noir.

La Trêve.  The Break.
My First Review.

So finally with the Break, I found a really good, meaty murder mystery. And when I say mystery, I really mean, mystery. Since we don’t find out who did it: until the very end. Hurray.

The drama leads us, the viewer on a merry dance. Through twists and turns and multiple red herrings strewn across our path. During the process of solving this crime. As seen so to speak, through the eyes of the mesmerisingly intense: Detective.

With his big domed head and almost shining forehead, Detective Johan Peeters looks exceedingly brainy in appearance. Assuming that lovely big domed heads and rounded foreheads: traditionally signify big brains.

Whether this is really the case, who knows. In reality I mean. However it is an accepted sort of trope in dramas. I suggest. Me I kept thinking of the character Fraser, in Cheers and Fraser. But I digress.

Yes, Detective Peeters appears brainy indeed. And certainly proves to be too. In a multilayered and often intuitive-way.

The progress of the solving of the crime by Johan is intertwined with his personal life, the lives of the other Policemen in the small town and their professional lives. As the team working the murder case.

Slowly, from the beginning, Detective Peeters is shown bringing all the local policemen up to scratch. In that Detecting work. He gradually gathers them around him as they improve their performance under his tuition.

But then there are the interludes when Johan is very much alone. And we slowly realise that he is really having rather a rough time of it. Himself…




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2 thoughts on “The Break. La Trêve. A Belgian Detective murder mystery crime drama. My First Review. Minor spoilers only. On in the United Kingdom on Netflix. In French with English subtitles.”

  1. You call that a minor spoiler? Telling us we don’t find out who did it until the end is a MAJOR spoiler . Grrrr

  2. Oh dear! One cannot win can one..I would suggest that you would have found out for yourself who it was at the beginning-if this was the case-when watching it?!
    It is traditional-or used to be-in murder mysteries to not find out who dunnit until the end! So not quite sure how saying so constitutes a spoiler?!
    Hope you enjoy my work anyway, if you are interested in collections of my work for sale, check out
    I will be publishing more collections as time goes on under genre titles such as:American noir, Belgian Noir and so on. Plus soon, some short stories I wrote.
    Cheers, Clarissima.

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