Beyond. An American supernatural drama series. A Netflix Original. On Netflix in the United Kingdom. A One-off Review. Minor spoilers only.


American noir.


An American supernatural drama series.

A One-off Review.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So loving Beyond. I’m on, not sure what episode, (OK) episode Four now.

Beyond is fresh, fun and different.

I like how at the end of the episode there are multiple stills from that episode.

This style seems outrageously unusual if you have never seen it before. But it used to be a common technique. After movies. In the 90’s.

All I can say is look out for Dustin Hoffman in his Tootsie look. In the yellow jacket..

There are soppy bits but then there is funny bits too. There are serious horror laden scenes..

Jeff is a great character.

So Beyond is probably very silly in parts but it still works.  Mostly because there is some very fine acting. Throughout.


Some dialogue.
The yellow jacket man:
“It’s the hour of the wolf, the dawn, when the most people are born and the most people die..”
“Yeah, but who’s the wolf?”

At one point two characters start talking in film quotes to each other.


Final episode.

Some notes and dialogue made on first watching.

Came on a rainy Tuesday..
“In the afternoon..”
“Thought I heard you talking softly..
“Where is the life that I recognise”..
Boring ballad ensues.

You know some spooky thing is about to happen. Just before the end..

Uh oh. What did I tell you.

Charlie to the yellow jacket man:
“Still rocking that yellow jacket?!”
“All you need is a big hat and a monkey..”


Great stuff.


The end.


Review of Beyond.

So Beyond is a strange yet interesting and enjoyable mix of Wayward Pines series one, The 4400, The Prisoner. With dollops of slightly regrettable magical fantasy interludes (and I say this as a fan of magical fantasy).

I say regrettable because not all of these interludes, artistically as they are created, work. Within the drama. As in successfully carry on the fairly intense yet quietly building story.

Of how the young twelve year old boy who went into a coma wakes up, miraculously one day. And he is twenty five years old..



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