Quick note to my readers Part Two. 14th of January 2017. A mention of Christmas Eastenders on BBC One and a preview of The Break. La Trêve.

Quick note to my readers Part Two.

A Preview of The Break.  La Trêve.

La Trêve.  The Break.
A Belgian series. In French with English subtitles.

So I’m on episode eight, or nine now.  Lost track.

Decided to stop because I was binge watching it. To nearly the end. And then I’d have nothing to watch. But for the new episode of Frequency.

It was bad enough after Braquo.

After my post-Braquo mourning period only possibly worsened by the dreadful dirge of Eastender’s Christmas episodes filled with over artistically created demise. Well over artistically for Eastenders.

Eastenders is not meant to be that good. It breaks all the soap opera rules. Stop making it so good-it’s too intense! We want it half rubbish. We love it that way.

(We just want something to watch with dinner without any gore- although the bodies could be said to have literally piled up over the years- on those cold hard slabs of the morgue).

Let’s not even mention the Chapel Of Rest.  Inside the funeral parlour.

Yes after Braquo I eventually settled on Travellers after trying Expanse and 3%/ Three percent. Which were pants. Unfortunately.

Travellers was passable enough. Even a bit fun. (see review to come)

Then I discovered, by accessing some inner subconscious memory of adding this series to my list (ages ago) The Break.

All I could remember was that it was about a Detective, returning home to his childhood home after a tragedy.  And becoming caught up in a dark and disturbing case..


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