Quick note to my readers Part One on 12th January 2016 and three mini-potted Reviews: Thirty Degrees In February Series Two, Expanse and 3%. Three Percent.


Quick note to my readers Part One.

So I don’t know what I’m going to do now I’m down to one last episode of Braquo. Oh woe is me. Everything is shit.

(well-compared to Braquo that is)

I know that’s not poetically descriptive. But it is. Drama-wise.


Thirty Degrees In February.  30° i Fevruari Series Two.
A mini-potted review of the first twenty minutes.

There is a series two of Thirty Degrees In February on at the moment on Sky Arts Channel. But I couldn’t get into it. The second series is even more disturbing than the first one.

Series two is both darkly disturbing and annoyingly stereotyped. In it’s depictions of the different characters in each country.

Glenn seems to be experiencing a case of cultural sexual relativism (or extreme politeness). As far as I can see. Will he snap out of it when he returns to Sweden? We shall see.

The Swedes appear to have a delusional view of paradise when in fact the local inhabitants appear to (mostly) hate them. Really. And only see them as a source of money. Just sayin.

For example one character is offered a place to stay- since it is empty. Perhaps to look after that place in return, we think. How nice. Until the lady’s husband scoffs to his wife:

“She’s too old!”. Too old to look after a place? Surely not. Too old for some other activity being considered as payment for the place to stay? I wonder..

You are silently urging the character to refuse, hoping they will pick up the whole bad vibe. About the offer. Because that couple are proper creepy..




A mini-potted review of the first twenty minutes.

So I tried Expanse. which was admittedly artistic a creation to look at: but cold and soul-less overall. Plus a bit boring really.

I am reliably informed that Expanse is considered to be a “Space Opera”. Which I kind of like as a term.

It means something more prosaic than I was imagining however: which is a soap opera in space.

Shame because the premise for the story line was promising I felt. And I like Sci-fi.

The rest of the definition of the term space opera is that there are no new inventions in the series. As I was told.

Hence the different classification than science fiction. To sci-fi fans. That makes sense to me.

I do like inventions in Science Fiction so i guess I would have to agree on that definition and distinction. Between two different drama genres.

I like my Sci-fi and I like human interest too but probably I prefer it not to overshadow the story line. Too much.

Plus I do like my Science Fiction with a slightly zany somehow cheerful air. Along with the dark. Continuum and The 4400 would be examples of such series.

I would add the insanely wonderful and strange: The Intruders.

However The Intruders is it’s own classification. Being unique as a series.


3 %.  Three Percent.

A mini-potted review of the first twenty minutes.

So three percent was a bit daft. And plastic. As in two-dimensional in artistic construction and characters. Somehow.

Shame. Because it was an interesting idea for a story. Albeit not hugely original. Other than being set in the future.
To signify it’s the future a character has one arm of his top sleeveless and one arm of it whole. Hilarious. When he is a bit stressed out we discover, he is prone to doing something very odd indeed. In a sink..


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