Secrets and Lies Series Two. An American Detective crime drama series. Episode Nine and Ten. Notes and dialogue with Final Review at the end. Minor spoilers only. Was on Watch Channel in the United Kingdom. This final review and notes follows on from all previous episode notes and first review at the end of episode one.

Episode Nine
“The Brother”.

Yes, I know I didn’t really say who did it in the last episode.

Danny to Eric:
I am not gonna go down because you turn into the hulk!”.
Eric does his thing.
Glowers upwards with just his eyes.

Laboratory guy to Detective Cornelle:
“Ooh, magazine cut outs, very nineteen seventy three!”.

The lab guy to Detective Cornelle:
“You gotta be kidding me!”
“This is the standard SRT!”

Its all actually got a bit interesting there for a while.
That’s how I got distracted.

Here comes the flashback..

Things are getting interesting now.

Did I mention that they (the family) are all hanging out at the Police Station now. And having meaningful scenes.
Great stuff.

I am beginning to wonder if it really could be one of the perfect family.

The Lab guy is back. He is quite funny. In the scenes with Detective Cornelle.
Detective Cornelle:
“Now I know who!”
“I just need to know why”…



Episode Ten.  Final episode.

“The Truth.”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So we’re finally gonna find out. who did it.
Hip hip hurray.

There aren’t many suspects left..

So I’m glad they’ve given men emotional largesse now in drama. But God it’s boring.

I’m not really glad. Who wants emoting all over the place. Mind you it’s the women who are all bad ass now.

C’mon Eric do your thang. Only Eric can do this. Mr. smooth talker. Yep, sirree, he did it.

Oh no…I’m getting sucked into the emotional vortex.

Ah ha. But wait. I think this scene may be a Detective Cornelle set up.

OK one more major orange flashback to go..
But now. It works. Set intermittently appearing in the interview room.

Detective Cornelle to Eric:
“What didn’t you see, Eric..”

Here we go. The final flashback.

Great stuff.

All of the family have warmed up nicely . All round.

Oh wait. The men are emoting again.
But you gotta love Eric and Neil. The errant Cop too.

Violins have been playing for a while now.

The police chief has an odd Hollywood aura around him in every scene.

The men are at it again. Emoting.

A meaningful ballad now follows the wind-up-everything montage. That is magically made more meaningful (with the singing) when it isn’t really.

Uh oh. Just when you though it was all over.

Qu’est qui passe?….


The end.


Final Review.

I can’t believe that this is my first review. In ten episodes. I think so.

This maybe a first. I guess I couldn’t think of anything really meaningful to say about this drama.

Other than what I have already written. In the episode notes. Out of utter boredom and snarkiness mostly.

I do discover now on checking, that I did write a first review after episode one. Which described this drama as a strange hybrid of daytime television mini-movies with a melodramatic air: and the skeletal framework of a decent and suspenseful thriller.

I think this situation pretty much remained the same. Throughout this drama. Although the Pinocchio family gradually became less wooden.

Plus the two jarring, unfortunately, story-lines of the Police investigation with the officially determined and driven Detective Cornelle and the suspected family: did blend together better by the end.

There were some very good, if sometimes mildly histrionic, performances all round. Although anything animated much could be argued to appear histrionic next to some of the woeful woodenness around.

Still, the men (all suffering from a possible handicap with varying degrees of extreme handsomeness which can be distracting even stereotypical to view) more than made up for this with their charismatic handsomeness.  Sorta.

Secrets and lies was beautifully styled and made I felt. As a drama. To watch. As in the sets, the colouration of the scenes.

I can even forgive the orange glow. Of the flashbacks. Hey we got used to them.

Plus those tiresome orange interludes came into good effect. Finally.

At the end..





I say snarkiness because the fun kind of went out of writing about Secrets and Lies for me after the “Backswoods of Boone people” comment episode.


I’m just so tired of the de rigeur usually: American hick hunter/ hillbilly/ locals/ country folk/ stereotype.


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