Beck. A Swedish television Detective crime drama series. Series Three-random episodes with Review and a Review of Series Six. Minor spoilers Only. In Swedish with English subtitles. These episodes were shown on BBC Four on UK television.

Beck-series Three-random episodes and one episode of series six
Series Three.

Episode Five.
The Japanese Painting”

So you can tell that the film is old.

Yey! it’s Martin’s neighbour. He is my favourite character.

“You have a beard?”
Martin’s neighbour: 
“Yes because I’m a real man”!

Loving Martin and his friend talking in German together.

The Gunavald Detective is a brilliant character.

I really thought Martin would give his new blue and white robe to his neighbour. But he didn’t.

Gunvald is looking much younger with mad hair. And a 1970’s suit.

It is so lovely to hear German. We need to hear more German.

Ha ha ha. Martin Beck and his German Detective friend plus Valdemor (the name of Martin’s neighbour) all sing Danny Boy!

Valdemor is pissed.

Wow amazing what we learnt about Chagall. And now he did those lithographs. Love Chagall.

I like the film’s colours and quality from 2007. Gunvald’s hair is slicked back now. His collar and tie ensemble is ultra cool.   His tie is about two to three inches wide.

Ahaha. I think Martin’s boss might like him. I might be wrong.

Martin Beck: (to his Boss-the Police Chief)  “Are you sure about this?”
German Detective:  “Are you sure about this?”
Martin’s Boss: “Are you sure about this?”
Woman Detective: “Are you sure about this?”
Martin: (to the German Detective-Sparling)
“No..are you sure about this?!”
Me I’m starting to wonder about a certain character..

So you know that Martin will figure it out..

Gunavald has some mad Miami Vice style sunglasses on now-Oh I get it, he’s pretending to be the Chauffeur..
The elderly man: (to Martin Beck)
“You should know that I have a metal detector…”
“Because I had some damn madman slashing three holes in my Matisse!”

Now I’m getting worried about a certain character…

Gunavald gets into his alter ego:
“Yes, the wheel is my life”!

They talk in English as well in this episode.

Elderly man in the Castle:

“One of my dead wines!”

That sounds pretty creepy.

Gunavald, C’mon. He was looking like the Cadbury’s Milk Tray man for a while there.

“Oh Danny Boy…”
“It’s you who must go and I..”
“But come you back in the summer..”
Review of the episodes: The Japanese Painting, The Weak Link,The Silent Scream & In The Name Of God.
So Beck is quite pleasant to watch. A sort of poor man’s Wallander. That may sound mean.   But as my readers know-I’m a huge Wallander fan.

Not that I’m huge. Just a huge fan. That still sounds like I’m huge. OK- a Wallander fan.

Maybe if I had never seen Wallander I would think Beck was brilliant. But I’m not so sure.

I have decided that I like the period of circa 200 film. I like the colours, the quality. They look fresh and different-somehow. Now.

It is certainly probably true that just watching random episodes of later series without having seen the series from the beginning: is detrimental.  To a fair review.

Since you haven’t as a reviewer, build up the story in terms of character progression and depth.

I dunno. Much as I like Beck, by the time I got to this episode the series was starting to feel a tiny bit tiresome.

I remember that the episodes did seem to be hours long at the beginning of watching this random set of episodes. From BBC Four/4.

The last two episodes started to feel a bit teachy-preachy to me. Like they were meant to be educational. That feeling.

Professional Detectives indulged in right-on rants. About the crime they were investigating for example. Boring.

Especially when it’s a crime against women and the woman Detective starts spouting. In the middle of the investigation. Most odd. Within the drama.

Hence my feeling of teachy preachiness. Which is tiresome to my mind. Since that’s not what drama is there for.


Series Six of Beck. 

Well the latest episode of Beck was a bit of a surprise: in that without warning about ten or so years had apparently passed. Since the last episode.

Now the last episode had been fairly engaging and minorly suspenseful. Albeit with an ending that was fairly obvious from the beginning. For one character.

It writes itself as I silently told myself. However this was probably the best episode overall: of the bunch.

The episode before that one ( In The Name Of God) was fairly dripping with a heinous message: that we are forced to endure. In order that we could be suitably shocked. Nay horrified. And suitably instructed.

Yes, Beck series three anyway (since I think that is the only series I have seen that is until the quantum leap into series six dated in 2016) had a few minorly enjoyable episodes as mentioned.

But as time and the episodes went on they mostly devolved into heinous depictions of and exhortations by officially evil Christians, the latest favourite bete noire of really right-on drama: the mythical right wing extremist and so on.

By 2015 even Brevik was involved ’cause you see all these evil perpetrators are actually Swedes.

The fact that were were forced, in this over heavily message laden madness: to listen to this heinous stuff which was ironically offensive in itself: was obviously considered righteous as an exercise in the propaganda effort.

In other word: the end justifies the means.

By which I mean that the drama makers considered it to be so very important to teach us that these belief systems were so terrible and officially wrong in the neon-lit issues concerned: they ended up writing their own equally awful propaganda to do so.




However Series Six is improved somewhat with the introduction of a hot Norwegian.




List of the Episodes included in the reviews above.

Series Three.
21 – Beck – Den japanska shungamålningen (5 June 2007, “The Japanese Painting”)
22 – Beck – Den svaga länken (23 March 2007, “The Weak Link”)
23 – Beck – Det tysta skriket (19 September 2007, “The Silent Scream”)
24 – Beck – I Guds namn (10 October 2007, “In the Name of God”)

Series Six.
31 – Beck – Gunvald (1 January 2016, “Gunvald”)
32 – Beck – Steinar (6 February 2016, “Steinar”)
33 – Beck – Vid vägs ände (5 March 2016, “End of the Road”)
34 – Beck – Sista dagen (2 April 2016, “The Last Day”)


(sourced-wikipedia 30th December 2016)

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