Secrets and Lies. Series Two. Episodes Seven and eight- notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers only. On UK television on Watch Channel on Tuesdays @ 9pm.

Sunday, 4th of December, 2016.

Secrets and Lies

Series Two.

Episode seven.  “The Statement”.  

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Eric is cooking a suitably nutritious meal in his suitably cool flat.

Great. Eric’s Dad returns. he’s a good character. I mean actor.

Bit odd that Eric refers to “Your family” to his Dad.
Is he not his real Dad then? Who knows. Who cares.

Melanie, Patrick’s wife who is meant to be nicely mad and or manic: brings glowering to a whole new art form.

There is a lot of glowering in Secrets and lies.

The meaningful interludes on both story-lines: the police story and Eric’s family are tiresome.

Amanda is the name of Eric’s sister.

Hurray. Eric’s equally handsome friend Neil returns. At least he is a bit more animated. Than Eric and Amanda.

So Eric gets to glowering.

Great stuff. Action scene with Danny and Eric.

At least the meaningful scenes between Ethan and Detective Cornelle are watchable. Being they are both such good actors.

Then the phone rings.  The scene between them builds nicely in segments. Ahhhh. But not very Detectively really.

Du na da nu..atmospheric music, a nice cliffhanger at the end..


Episode Eight.   “The Racket”.  

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Prologue. Bla bla. A bit like a poor man’s Dallas.  They even play Dallas du na du na music.

The police side of the story is relatively exciting compared to the family side-story.

Eric pulls a fast one. On Patrick.

The worlds most least likely Detective meets Detective Cornelle.

Eric just does some more magnificent glowering.

I knew they were gonna make Eric take his shirt off. At one point.

Another meaningful moment between Patrick and I probably should not say..

There has been an edict I reckon that men characters should officially have emotional conversations.

Detective Cornelle to Patrick:
“A little boy asks an old man in New York..”
“How do I get to Carnegie Hall?”..

Now Detective Cornelle pulls a fast one.

So Melanie is at the yoga class.
Detective to the teacher:

More. Yet more orange flashbacks. But we’re used to them now.

More meaningful moments.

Detective Cornelle and Malanie have a satisfyingly enjoyable face off.

Ah ha. I told you it was him..


to be continued.

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