The Missing. Series Two. Episode Five. Some notes and dialogue with My Second Review at the end. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK on Wednesdays @ 9pm on BBC One. This write-up follows on from notes and dialogue on episodes one, two, three & four with My First Review posted on 10th of November 2016.

Sunday, 20 November 2016
The Missing.

Series Two.
Episode Five.
Das Vergessen.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Vaavren. Switzerland-Present Day.
Wow. Mountains.

Can’t really say too much. About the tiresome re-cap from the prologue..

Here comes the officially meaningful song.

Jean luc Baptise and Jjorn.

Jean Luc disperses wise sayings and Jjorn quips quotes. Often Einstein.

Back to now. Germany.

All un-cheerful stuff.

So I have a new suspect . But I have been thinking this for a while now. Well since the last trailer I saw for The Missing. Well you have to do something to keep yourself amused.

Wow. That is some old people’s home.

Strangely, the photo in a police file looks nothing like the character.

Great long silences.

Isla to Jean Luc:
“If you cared about everybody you met, you wouldn’t be able to do the job..”.

I bet that you know who is just pretending..


My Second Review.

Well I stopped writing notes out of utter and complete boredom with the episode really.   It was all so very dull and pedestrian. Even the quotes are tiresome. And I like quotes.

It’s just that feeling I have of the construction of the drama: that even quotes are just implanted artificially and artlessly because they too: are officially meaningful.

It’s like these officially meaningful things or themes in the drama: are on an algorithm. One every so many scenes. Or seconds. Or something.

A Paint by numbers creation results. Because all of the seperate artful supposedly meaningful things were there in the drama: they just never melted together into any real experience of feeling or meaning. For the viewer. Well for me anyway. But then this is the BBC.

Just like in those old paint by numbers pre-prepared canvas: each seperate area has its numbered colour. As an identifier. For the paint. The idea is to paint each stenciled outlined shape. Seperately: one by one.

In this way, presumably, the edges of the shapes never melt or blend together. To create that brand new whole.

This extra magic is what is missing for me in the drama. And I did try. All I can say is that it it passable. Barely watchable. But passable. At times. Watchable passable even.

The missing series two got/ grew better in the last ten or twenty minutes of episode five. And that was a long time coming.

I don’t know what it is exactly that is missing (if you’ll pardon the unintentional pun) in this drama. Just that it suffers from an atmosphere deficit. For most of the time. Plus a lack of fluidity: of action and story.

Strangely, on consideration: the choppy initially annoying time period changes actually serves to liven up what would otherwise have been an incredibly dull drama.

However the punch of a fluent story-line, of feeling and atmospheric edge: is sacrificed to this truncated style of storytelling.


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