The Missing. Series two. An English mystery crime drama. Episode six. Some notes and a short Third Review. Minor spoilers only. On UK Television- BBC One Wednesdays @ 9pm. Nb. This write-up follows on from my postings on 22nd November 2016 Episode Five with Second Review and 15th November 2016 episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4 with a First Review.

Sunday, 27th of November 2016.

The Missing.


Series Two.

Episode Six.

Saint John.

Uh oh-not the drill..

Now-Eckhausen. Germany.
Present day it helpfully tells us.


Bla bla. David Morrisey and his wife.

It’s Jean Luc.

So. All quite un-cheerful. But some damn fine acting from David Morrisey and his son, Sam.

Missed a bit here. Starts again with Jean Luc Baptiste. In Eckhausen.

So the story has amped up it’s pace a touch..

Then the wife gets nicely manic.

And the story or side story is fairly seriously creepy.

Back and forth. But we don’t care any more it hardly matters. But sometimes a bit confusing.

So it has taken until now to pick up it’s pace for this drama.



So guess what I thought that The Missing had finally come together, in this episode. Then I remembered that due to some recording glitch, I lost somewhere around 20-30 minutes. Of action. well if you could call it action or a story line. Much. In The Missing.

The guess what is there because I realise: that loss was not a loss at all. To the episode. A missing twenty to thirty minutes had actually made the episode better. It barely missed a beat.

Later it transpired that I had missed exactly who (as in one character) had found out-what. To be deliberately vague.

How can this be. I wonder. That I could carry on watching after missing this chunk of time: and still makes sense of things. Even think the episode was better.

Because the length of the episode is just too damn long. In the watching of it. Now it wouldn’t seem so if it was working. Dramatically speaking. Surely.

There is just too much damn fluff and ridiculousness- stuffed in between.

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