Secrets and Lies. An American Detective Crime drama. Episodes: Four, Five and Six. Some notes and dialogue on the episodes. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Channel W Tuesdays @ 9pm. This write-up follows on from My First Review of Episode One of Secrets and Lies series two- posted on 23rd October and notes on episodes Two and Three posted on the 1st of November 2016.

Sunday, 20 November 2016
Secrets and Lies.

Episode Four
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Eric is getting there. But then he’s on a quest and I do love a quest.

Plus I like the pairing up of the hero and crinkly-faced mysterious man.

Mysterious crinkly faced man to Eric:
“Danny, that’s my name..”
(this is the dialogue but it’s OK)

Eric just stands around looking moody and magnificent really.
But he does it so well.

Warning. The orange glowy flashbacks are still annoying but thank goodness no longer so fully cringe-worthy.

Plus I’m a supporter of male characters in dramas. Since they are really very few and far between these days.
Ahah. A delightful twist. At the end…


Episode Five.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So we find out who Danny is. As he and Eric have a right royal bust up.
Eric to Danny:
“So the only thing you told the truth about is that everybody lies!”.

Ah, Eric’s extremely handsome friend Neil is being interrogated. By Detective Cornelle.

Detective Cornelle glowers.

The District Attorney daughter to Eric and his brother:
“Be careful, going outside of Boone..”
“Get’s kind of..backs woods”..
Patrick (her brother):
“Oooo, Honey Boo or the swamp people?”!

Ooo (lovely) a pejorative comment about the locals. Supposed hillbillies. Nice. Real nice. (not) Yep.

Later as they get there,
“So I think I can hear them slaughtering lambs!”

Oh no. Orange flashback time.

So all a bit yawnsome there.

More orange flashbacks. The people who gaze off into the flashbacks come to, in the present, usually blue scene.

Things are much better when Detective Inspector Cornelle and Danny get a scene together.

I know who I suspect..

Patrick in the car to Eric:
You blanked it out..”
“Ask Mary..”
Ah, a meaningful scene.

Eric to his brother:
“I got this..”

Eric and Danny have a heart to heart.

Oh no. Don’t go..

The Police Chief does that eponymous angry chief thing at Detective Cornelle. But like really over the top.

Episode Six.
“The Parent”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Eric and his sister are having a meaningful moment. Yawn.

Wake me up when something happens.

Oh this is better. It’s always good when they introduce an actual actor.

The police side of the story is a refreshing change. From the vacuous lot.

Could the Police Chief be any more eponymously creepy?

Back to the mysterious brother Patrick.

Eric and Patrick’s wife have an odd intense scene. She is minorly hilarious and I think meant to be quite nicely, mad.

Eric instructs his secretary like he’s David Carradine advising the grasshopper. Or rather David Carradine was the grasshopper.

Ethan and Detective Cornelle.
“Wait, you’re enraged, take a moment, this isn’t an appropriate response to what’s happened…”
He’s weird.

Uh oh.
An orange flashback with Detective Cornelle in it. You just know that summat bad is about to happen..
What did I say..

So Ethan and Detective Cornelle in the interview room together is like some retro series where people use to get hypnotised. All the time.

More orange flashbacks…

Ah, more meaningful moments. All orange. Piano plays.

More meaningless slush. As long as we’re out of the orange and into the blue.

Another heartfelt conversation ensues between Eric and his brother in law. Well fascinating compared to what has gone before.

Detective Cornelle and Eric have an enjoyable verbal sparring match. But Detective Cornelle she has a witty quip as she leaves the room.

I’m liking the pairing up of Eric and his secretary as the investigative duo.

Here comes the eponymously evil Chief. Possibly he actually is evil..

Ahhah. I told you..
Or rather I told myself. I knew that character was dodgy..


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