Glitch. Series One. An Australian supernatural horror series. My Final Review of Series One. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production. Final Review of Glitch.


Thursday, 10 November 2016

Glitch. Series One.

So I ended up binge-watching Glitch after my first couple of sessions. The series turned out to be satisfactorily short. In that the ending was a perfect ending and the length of the story was just right. For a horror tale.

Much as I would have liked to see some characters developed more: I was getting a bit bored with some of them at the end.

That boredom may well be another reason I felt that the ending was just right. Because the drama wasn’t going to drag on any longer.

Even though, in the classic double-take experienced by one of the characters at the end: nicely leaves you wanting more.

The concept of the series did suffer from being derivative. As a story But only if you have seen Les Revenants, both One and two and The Returned. It seems like there’s been a lot more dead and or undead people-in dramas.

Or maybe Les Revenants just really sticks and stays in y our head. And the remake, the Returned, perhaps I am including zombies . Subconsciously. Who knows.

I did find it disconcerting that the eponymous square-jawed hero Police Officer: had a habit of bursting into tears. I mean proper crying. Sobbing even. Yes-I know…he had a broken heart. Bla bla. He worshipped his first love like she was a Goddess from on high. All this was seriously cringe.

Then there was the other policeman. He had an inexplicable (really) sobbing session too. Was he too, in love with the Goddess incarnate? I could only ponder. It was never explained. These men just kept on crying. The policeman Detective had a proper pout on.

Whereas the women characters, the doctor included, are like hard-faced Amazonians. Or men. Go figure. But then there are the undead..

Me, I think dramas are swapping or rather scrapping male roles for women:and women for men. With the men thrown on the character scrapheap.

In the case of Glitch the more manly men (or more stereotypical man to the BBC) is to be found in another era. Maybe that was the point.

There are some excellent characters in the undead (and not) but some of their story-lines were bordering on slushy.

The doctor was nicely enigmatic and Vic and a certain other gentleman, pretty much stole the show between them.

I’m not quite sure if Glitch sustained it’s initial early premise of sustained and slowly building horror. That unfolds one unusual night…

But the drama is certainly a watchable, enjoyable and satisfyingly twisty tale. Almost hammer horror meets every day small town Australia.




Yes I really think positive female role models have been done to death in dramas now.

I mean we have had: deaf F.B.I agent, photographic memory Detective, clairvoyant  agent, wise-cracking agent, Special Victims Unit Detective who morphed into a cat, there are too many to count.

Not that I haven’t enjoyed these characters described.  But where are the men? All I can think of- is Tom Baldwin.  (Continuum).

I am beginning to think that The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the Australian equivalent of the BBC.

I started wondering this when watching Wolf Creek recently. However Wolf Creek was good enough to overcome this BBC feeling.
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