Frequency. An American science-fiction Detective crime drama. Series One. My One-Off Review. Minor spoilers Only. On Netflix in the UK.


Netflix Description of Frequency:
“A Detective seizes a precious opportunity to change the past when she finds she can communicate with her deceased, estranged father via a time warp.”
Five stars.


Series One.
My One-Off Review.

So it seemed like I barely started Frequency when I finished it. The series went so quick. Maybe because it is short. Only six episodes. Nooooo.

Not another series like Residue. Or Between at one point. First series. Which in retrospect, for Between anyway, turned out to be really sort of genius. As a length. For a series. But I digress.

Yes, I really liked Frequency. It was fun, fresh and different. In all sorts of ways without giving too much away.

When I say fun I don’t mean exactly funny fun. But then not too harsh either. Although there are some dark bits or twist in the story.

This is sounding like Goldilocks.

Let’s call this for me anyway, a Goldilocks drama. Not too seriously creepy or drear and not exactly hilarious either. As in a quite intense and atmospheric edge as well. To the feel of the drama.

Plus some very good characters to boot.

Nashville fans (me. as far as I know) may recognise the rather dishy Markus, dishevelled Rock Star who crossed over into Country Music. And finds his way. Musically and everything. But I digress.

Surely Frequency will return. With another series. Since there is an ongoing investigation throughout the series which is as yet: unsolved.


So there are new weekly episodes of Frequency I discover, every Thursday. Great.

Although myself, I’m really not huge on this whole weekly installment thing. It really does kill some dramas. I don’t quite know why. Not naming any names.

Some dramas just do better in one. And don’t stand alone well. We shall see.



If you’re not sure if the heroine is going into another time zone, metaphorically so to speak-fear not, because there is a helpful “wooshing” sound description.

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