Secrets And Lies. An American Television Detective crime drama. Some Notes and dialogue and my First Review- of Episode One. Minor Spoilers Only. On UK Television on Channel W @ 9pm on Tuesdays.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


Secret and Lies.
Series two of Secrets and Lies first aired on Tuesday, 11th of October, 2016.
On Channel W in the UK @9pm on Tuesdays.

TV Description of Series Two of Secrets and Lies:
“Detective Cornell investigates the death of Kate Warner, whose husband Eric appears to be the prime suspect”.


Secrets And Lies.
Series Two-The American series (remake).

This is the American remake of the original Australian series.

Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So it’s all quite Agatha Christie in set-up..It’s all a bit underwhelming so far.

The Dad is a famous American actor.

The dialogue is terrible. Except for the most excellent Detective Corneille of course-viper like in her obsidian stare and upright air.

“No glove, no love Detective” says the hero’s (Eric) brother to Detective Corneille in the lift. In an excruciating scene.

There are tedious orange glowy flashbacks.

I know who I suspect. And what the dark deed was.

The flashbacks are exceedingly corny. But of course we know the flashback isn’t going to show us what happened. On the night in question. Untill the very end.

Oh no. Not more orange glowy flashbacks.

Eric’s best friend just told him that he’s not worthy to be his friend.

Eric, as handsome as he is, is about as wooden faced as the previous suspect in series one was.

However his friend Neil is a bit more lively in his character and acting.

Nobody looks related. Kind of like a Coca Cola Advert. Or Benetton back in the day. We’re not meant to mention or notice this. The ridiculousness.

Dun dun dah (melodramatic music rendition )

Eric can’t really essay crying very well. But of course this maybe because he is really evil and did do it after all.

One minute I think he did it. The next minute I am wondering.

So Eric’s family are all a bit wooden too. A bit like Pinocchio had a family. The Pinocchio family in fact.

However the Dad of Eric and his family is good, as in his character.

My First Review- Of Episode One.

So I really enjoyed both the original Australian series and the American remake: of Secrets And Lies.

The remake being one of those rare remakes which was equal to the original. Yet different.
And the original was uniquely different too.

The remake was possibly slower in building than the original: but it had a pleasingly sinister kick in its tale.

I am wondering if there is a series two coming of the Australian series. We shall see.

In the case of Series two of the American remake: there is a different set of characters, a crime or murder and the same Inspector Corneille.

So Juliette Lewis remains in her role. Thank goodness. I probably wouldn’t have carried on watching series two of the remake otherwise.

Since apart from inspector Corneille and say the evil glittery-eyed father, everybody else is irredeemably awful. OK Eric’s best friend is fairly animated. Compared to the woodenness of the Pinocchio family. As I have named them.

Personally I would have preferred a continuation of the story that ended with series one. Because of that dark disturbing twist. Right at the end. which would or could have served as a great cliffhanger.

But sometimes a series one season or a few seasons of something packs a more powerful punch.
Still, I digress.

So far Secrets And Lies is a strange sort of hybrid of day time drama on channel five- the sort of melodramatic movie with romantic tragedy writ large that you only every watch in emergencies like Christmas or dreadful paper work: and the skeletal framework of a decent thriller.
To be continued.

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