Quick note to my Readers on the 28th September 2016 of some new and returning series on UK Televsion/ TV and Netflix: New Series Six of Once Upon A Time, The Fall-BBC Two-Tonight, Thursday, 29th September @ 9pm and The Missing Series Two-24th October on either BBC One or Two. I will check..Update to The mIssing Series Two-this will be on BBC One on 12th October 2016.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Once Upon A Time. Series Six.
So Netflix have kindly written to me telling me that my wish has in fact come true!

There is a new Series Six of Once Upon A Time now out on Netflix in the UK.
Episode One:
“The Savior.”/ The Saviour.

This series is going to be released in weekly installments and Episode Two is on the 5th October 2016.

Have watched the first episode now and sadly Once Upon A Time is becoming even more over heavily laden (than it already was) with officially therapeutic psychobabble therapy-speak.

Me, I love the glorious hokum of the stories in Once Upon A Time.

The Fall. Series Three.

New Series of The Fall premieres tonight on BBC Two @9pm.

Having written extensively on The Fall Series Two (not having seen the first series) I found it so generally tiresome that I ended up writing a completely fictitious story about Lady Stella (from another era) and The Scruffy Stray Dog as well as my official reviews. Which was a lot more fun.

However-for The Fall fans-as per the TV/ Television trailer I just saw: Detective Superintendent Stella is still: whispering huskily sotto voice, crying (red-eyed) and gazing obsessively and apparently (oddly) even fondly at?…..

I should say no more.

You would have thought talking would be a useful attribute for a Detective Inspector Superintendent to have. But nope.

Stella: (on TV Trailer )
(sighs heavily)

Expect a lot of those.


The Missing Series Two.
Either BBC One or Two. Not sure at present. Usually on BBC One.
Will be on the 24th October 2016.

Update & correction-Missing Series Two will be on BBC One on 12th October 2016.

Well you have to have a bucket load of patience to watch anything on BBC One or Two in my opinion. Probably several bucket loads.

Having strayed back foolishly to the realms of BBC One lately to watch One Of Us: well that is several very long hours (that seemed longer than hours-an indefinable eternity of time in fact) of my life that I can’t get back.

However The Missing has the inimitable and excellent Detective Inspector Jean Luc Baptiste (Retired) in it..


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