Quick note to my Readers on 1st October 2016. Some new and returning series on UK TV/ Television and Netflix: Z-Nation Series Two, Westworld, The Young Pope, Flash, Arrow, Humans Series One, Humans Series Two- which is: “Coming soon”, Luke Cage, The Shannara Chronicles and Blackstone.

Saturday, 1 October 2016


UK Television Series:

Newsflash-Z-Nation returns!
Z-Nation Series Two-Later correction adn update-This is series Three, not Two I discover which came out on 11th October 2016 on UK TV Channel-Pick.
So I loved Z-Nation series One. I wrote about it here pretty much episode by episode.

Nb. I watched series One on Netflix however series two is not on UK Netflix.

I see that Z Nation Series Two is going to be on Pick Chanel in the UK. The whole of series One is available on demand.

So There are two interim episodes between the end of Series One and the start of Series Two on this channel.

The last episode of series one was episode thirteen.

Interim episodes after the end of Series Two of Z-Nation:
11th October 2016 will be: “No Mercy Part 1.”
18th October 2016 is “No Mercy Part 2”.

TV Description of each of these two episodes:
“This episode the gang protects the town against a new enemy”.

Series Three is on 25th October 2016.
The first episode is called:
“The Murphy”.

Series Three episodes are listed on Pick Channel but not available. Yet.

Series One episodes are available on Netflix. Or online I believe.


Starts on Tuesday 4th October 2016 @ 9pm. On Sky Atlantic Channel.
This series will be on H.B.O. Channel in America.

There is a remake series of the original film-Westworld which was written by the American Novelist Michael Creighton.
With Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins.

J.J. Abrams is one of the Executive Producers.

Looks impressive and stylish. But no Yul Brynner. Now that can’t be right..


Also on Sky Atlantic channel coming soon:
The Young Pope.
The young pope is pictured in the TV/ Television trailer raising his hands to the heavens: whilst standing in front of some articulated trucks. Maybe it’s a miracle.


Correction-Flash and Arrow are not on Sky Atlantic but on Sky 1 Channel.

The series Flash and Arrow.

Sky 1 Channel.
New series of:
Flash-“Season 3 is coming soon”
Arrow- “Season 5 is coming soon”.

I have written here on this blog about the enjoyably daft early series of Arrow .


Humans Series One
I see that this series is currently being repeated on Channel Four I believe.
Update-this series is only being re-shown on Channel 4 HD.

Then there has been an Ad for what appears to be series Two. Unless it is a recycled advertisement for series one. But the trailer, in the form of an ad by Synthetic, looks new to me.

Series One. Humans.
Some notes.
I wrote about Humans series One episode by episode here on this blog.

There wasn’t always much to report in terms of action: so I ended up musing on human consciousness versus synthetic in terms of social interactions and other esoteric things.

Humans was pleasantly artistic and even engaging but ultimately boring and issue laden. In concept. I felt.

This series was saved by the presence of William Hurt and his “Synth” Will, in their stunning and heartbreaking performances along with the other excellent characters, particularly Max.

Watch out for a Nurse Ratchet-like Synth..

Humans Series Two.
Channel Four.
So on a quick check I find that there is a series Two of Humans:
“Coming soon”.
Date as yet unknown.


Netflix Series:

Luke Cage.
Marvel’s Luke Cage came out on Friday 30th September 2016 on Netflix.

Some notes on episode One.
Unfortunately politicised. And horribly violent. In parts. In my opinion.

Shame. I really liked Luke Cage as a character.

The Shannara Chronicles
Some notes on episode one.
I tried about half an episode of this. Pleasantly generic. Think (of The Shannara Chronicles like) the series Once Upon A Time met Pretty Little Liars.


Some notes on series one.
So I’m watching Blackstone on Netflix. Which is turning out to be really rather good I am thinking. There are five series/ seasons.

It took me a while to get into this series due to it’s unusual style. Yet I was hooked from the beginning at the same time. If that makes sense.

I have found that I watch three to four episodes in a row. Of Blackstone.


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