Magic City-Series One. An American Gangster drama set in the late 1950s. Some descriptive notes and dialogue on Episodes: Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight. Minor Spoilers only. These notes follow on from my First Review on episodes One, Two and Three posted on 19th of September 2016. On in the UK on Virgin Media TV as an exclusive (if you have a TIVO box and XL) There are Two series.

friday, 23 september 2016
Magic City Series Description:
“A hotelier conducts business with a mob boss among the glitz and glamour of late 1950s Miami Beach”
Episode one description:
“Ike Evans, the owner of Miami’s most glamourous hotel, makes an ill-fated deal with mob boss Bob Diamond to ensure the success of his glitzy establishment”
“With Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Olga Kurylenko”.

Nb. The hotel is called the Miramar Playa.


A Starz Original Series.


Series One.
Magic City.

Episodes Four, Five and Six.
Some descriptive notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Bob Diamond really is a mumbler. But then aren’t all gangsters..I keep trying to find the subtitles even though I know they aren’t there.

Ike, the hero, has an amazing chameleon-like ability to morph into different faces and characters. With just his face. I think that is the point.

His amazing yet understated performance is showing us exactly that: he has to be all things to all people. He effectively evinces for us: those different people he has to become.

The scene settings continue to be simply sumptuous. Both inside and outside. Like the pastel pink and impossible clarity of the seaside sky. The Art Deco delight of the Miramar Playa sign espied at the very tip top of the building.

The stormy blue midnight mud night sky. Above the balconies. The sparkling marble interiors of the hotel.

The myriad workers busily working and never standing still. The amount of work involved in keeping such a pristine shine. Free from the heat, the sand and the corroding decay of the salt, the semi-tropical fug.

The glorious Hollywood close-ups of faces like paintings in their shades, their tones, touched by light of both sunlight and dark.
Random dialogue.
Woman in the Beauty Salon in the hotel Miramar Playa.
“He’s going to buy me a beautiful palace, a house by the sea..”
Episode Seven.
Some descriptive notes and dialogue on first watching.

Random dialogue:
Bob Diamond is Kimono shopping.
Bob Diamond to his Tailor:
“I’ll take this, in deep wine..”

The clarity of the light in the daytime is just amazing. Particularly in the 1950’s early autopsy scene.

Meg is an amazing character.

Meg as she makes her supremely stylish entrance into the Miramar like a 1940s film star:
“I don’t ever do anything spontaneous…”
“And this is why!”

Meg has shoulders that are so scarily muscular that they do not appear to be flesh. More like hewn marble instead. Later we find out just how she developed these shoulders when she ploughs powerfully through a pool. Doing butterfly.

But this being 1959 she gets out and has a long, cool drag on a cigarette.
Possibly my favourite scene setting is the basement bar with the blue swimming window.

Episode Eight.
Some descriptive notes and dialogue on first watching.

Even the font is cool.

Victor is an excellent character.

At one point my theory about the hive nature of the hotel is amusingly proved correct. When the hotel staff react to their adored boss being..Well I had better not say.

There are several side stories. and as far as this particular one: I just knew it was all going to go wrong.

You know everything is going to go wrong. Hey it’s a gangster story.

Random dialogue.
Cliff to Vera:
“Look at you…barefoot..”
“Smelling of French soap..”
“Wearing a bathrobe..”

Loving the last scene of series one where we just see our ever inimitable and rakishly crumpled hero, lying down smoking, in the dark with just a spiraling blue cloud of cigarette smoke rising into the air above him.


End of Series One.


To be continued.

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