Blackstone. Series One. A Canadian crime and family saga drama. On Netflix in the UK. A First Review of Series One- the first few episodes. Minor spoilers only


Netflix Description of Blackstone:

“On a First Nation reserve, community leaders try to solve their people’s problems, from drugs and domestic abuses to corruption and power struggles”.
2015. Five seasons. Four stars.



Series One.
First Review of the first few episodes.

So having watched Magic City I knew I was going to have a hard time finding something to watch.

Being that Magic city is a very hard act to follow. I foolishly strayed back, against my better, past made judgement, to BBC One’s One Of Us.

Now those are several long hours of my life spent watching it that I can’t get back.

I knew I should have stuck to my original resolve only ever to watch BBC One again for Missing series two. And then only for Inspector Jean Luc Baptise.

But I digress.

I did try From Dusk Till Dawn series three directly after Magic City but I just wasn’t feeling it. I may be wrong but my feeling was that this time, Tarantino was not involved in the screenplay.

Or possibly it was just too soon for vampires and skull men after 1959 and the glorious laid back style of Magic City. With its slower, deceptively casual pace.

So after some short dalliance with The Shannara Chronicles which was generically pleasant enough. And had fabulous scenery. But just left me wondering if ancient/ future (I was not quite sure) Elves, as signified by their large Spock-like ears: would really have American accents and say “Mom”.

So I stumbled, metaphorically upon Blackstone. Which is proving to be really rather good. Blackstone is set in A first Nation reserve. In Canada realise.

Not sure why but I was assuming the drama was set in America. I should have twigged. I mean they did mention Ottowa.

Unlike the series Skin Walker-The Navajo Mysteries: the name of the tribe is not mentioned. Unless the name is actually Blackstone. It might be.

So Blackstone is unusual in that the drama is shot as if someone was making a home movie all the while. The speech, and conversations are realistically loud and naturalistic.

The drama is very low key at first and understated. Yet it is, as a story, engrossing, engaging, interesting and ultimately and incrementally intense.

Once I stopped wavering as to whether to continue watching Blackstone, before I knew it, I was on episode four. Because I had to know what happened next.

Each episode leads seamlessly on from the other. As if there had only been an ad/ advertisement break in between.

To be continued.
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