Quick note to my readers on the 19th October 2016 of some new and returning series showing on UK Television and Netflix: The Walking Dead, Talking Dead, The Walking Dead:The Journey So far, Made In Chelsea Series Twelve, a brief mention of Department Q: Keeper Of The Lost Causes, Series Two of The Code and Secrets and Lies, Series Two. With notes on Series One of Secrets and Lies and Glitch on Netflix.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


Quick note to my readers of some new and returning series.

On UK Television:

The Walking Dead.
Series Seven.
As mentioned in previous notes to my readers: this series will return on 24th October 2016 @ 9pm on FOX Channel in the UK.


Talking Dead.
FOX Channel. Mondays @ 10pm in the UK.
Presumably returning on the 24th October 2016 on the date that The Walking Dead premieres.

A series seven preview show from the chat show Talking Dead:
“Talking Dead Season 7 Preview Special”
Aired on Monday 10th of October 2016 @ 9pm on FOX Channel in the UK.

This showing of The Talking Dead chat show previews the series start of Series Seven of The Walking Dead.

I have written about this talk show. Excellent stuff. From the ever effervescent and scintillating host-Chris Hardwick. Who always greets the UK-hurray!

This talk show has actors from The Walking Dead on the interview sofa along with uber-fans and celebrities (well to those in the U.S) plus, sometimes, the writers and directors of the show.

The Talking Dead is on FOX directly after the episode of The Walking Dead in the UK.

There is also a preview short film called:
“The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far”.
On FOX HD Channel . First aired on Monday 17th October 2016.

TV Description of The Walking Dead: The Journey So Far:
“In anticipation of The Walking Dead’s return join us for a retrospective of the series. Relive all the key moments in the show’s history with exclusive behind the scene access”.


Made In Chelsea Series Twelve/ 12.
Monday on E4/ E4 HD Channel in the UK @9pm.
First aired on 10th October 2016.

So Made In Chelsea returns. The Sloane Rangers being back from their strangely Impressionist styled sunlit sojourn in the South Of France.

Having seen episode one:
“Don’t do it Binky!…

Department Q: The Keeper Of Lost Causes.
Aired on BBC Four on Saturday 15th October 2016.

So after the sadly truncated showing of the rather wonderful and deeply stylish:
Department Q:Keeper Of Lost Causes on BBC4’s much loved Saturday night subtitled/ foreign language dramas slot- we have the return of the Australian Series, The Code.

Nb. Department Q: The Keeper Of The Lost Causes was a film. Based on the series of books:”Department Q” by Jussi Adler-Olsen.

I only say truncated because there was just the one film. In a one-off showing on BBC Four. Presumably there are more..

Hey maybe after The Code? We shall see. BBC Four did do this with Beck episodes, sort of randomly shower them into a Saturday night. At intermittent intervals.

The Code.

BBC Four next Saturday, 22nd of October 2016 @ 9pm.
Series Two.

As seen on TV trailer on BBC Four channel..

TV Description of Series Two of The Code:
“An exploration of freedom of speech and national security in the digital age”.

As mentioned recently when discussing the fabulous and luridly wonderful Australian series, Wolf Creek, I wrote about Series One of The Code here on this blog. Wolf Creek was set in the Australian outback.

The Code series One was set partly in the Australian outback too, but mostly in Canberra, Australia.

I am loath to put the TV Description of episode one of series two as it is rather a spoiler for series One. If you haven’t seen it..

New series-Two of Secrets and Lies.
This is the American remake of the Australian original series of the same name.
Series two of Secrets and Lies first aired on Tuesday, 11th of October, 2016.
On Channel W in the UK @ 9pm on Tuesdays.

TV Description of Series Two of Secrets and Lies:
“Detective Cornell investigates the death of Kate Warner, whose husband Eric appears to be the prime suspect”.

The original series of Secrets and Lies was Australian. The later remake is American. Both the original and the remake have one series each. So far.

I wrote about both series of Secrets and Lies here on this blog.


Series Two of Secrets and Lies.
This is series two of the American remake series of the Australian original. Both series one of Secrets and Lies were good in my opinion. If a bit daft.

But the remake series was saved by the excellent presence of Juliette Lewis as the investigating Detective: Detective Inspector Cornille.

This role was taken on by the again excellent Leonardo De Caprio look-alike Detective in the original Australian series.

The murder suspect seems always to be a man. An ordinary-ish husband..

Sadly the main character of the husband is wooden indeed in his acting in both series mentioned and apparently-in this new series Two as well.

In the Australian series and the American remake of series one this woodenness was ameliorated for the viewer somewhat by enforcing the intermittent removal of said husband/ suspect’s shirt. At regular intervals. Because it/ he was hot I guess.

Those husbands did tend to jog. A lot. Especially in the original Australians series. That’s pretty much all I remember.

Well that and Juliette Lewis as Detective Inspector Corneille and her gimlet-eyed stare.

If Secrets and Lies series one, both series, seem a little dull at times-do not despair-there is a satisfyingly rewarding (as in for having sat through the whole thing) dark ending..

Both series one of Secrets and Lies-the Australian original and the American remake were filmed stylishly and fairly spectacularly in different locales.

Footnote to Series Two of Secrets and Lies.
There is a serious spoiler about series One present in series two..

Notes on Series One of Secrets and Lies. The American remake.
This series was first aired in October of 2015.
The whole of series One on W channel is available to watch on a TIVO box in the UK as catch-up.

TV Description of Series One of Secrets and Lies:
“When a man finds a boy’s remains in the woods, the ensuing investigation turns his life upside down”

On Netflix in the UK:


A Netflix Original.
An Australian series. One Season. New.

Netflix Description of Glitch:
“A Police Officer and a doctor face an emotionally charged mystery when six local residents inexplicably return from the dead in peak physical form”.

Great. Another return from the dead/ undead..

Translated as how we must learn to get along with the official other even if they are prone to being really dead and or eating us or other variants of death and destruction. (werewolves, vampires, synthetic humans, the returned dead/ undead, zombies).

However Netflix Originals are often good.

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Blackstone. Series One. My Final Review and some short notes and dialogue from series One, Two and Three. Minor spoilers only. On Netflix in the UK. This Final review follows on from my first review of series One posted on 14th October 2016.

Saturday, 15 October 2016.
Netflix Description of Blackstone:
“On a First Nation reserve, community leaders try to solve their people’s problems, from drugs and domestic abuses to corruption and power struggles”.
2015. Five seasons/ series. Four stars.


Final Review of Series One.

So I am at the beginning of series two now. The episodes just flew by. As mentioned in the beginning of my first review. The filming styles of Blackstone is very, if not extremely naturalistic in style.

Now this method can seem to drag the experience of watching a drama out-elongated as if in real time. Almost to a stand still in some cases. As I felt and described in my description of Arne Dahl-Series Two.

However with Blackstone, whilst this home-movie appearance of the drama seems slightly claustrophobic at first: this aspect soon dissipates.

Although the slight air of heaviness: of actual reality as depicted never quite leaves. Lending an intense and eventually suspenseful air.

Particularly towards the end of series one I felt, the atmosphere of intensity amps up incrementally.

As yet another dark story is added into the mix. One which we see see organically grow in front of us. In teasing snippets. filled in quickly and conveniently for us: by flashbacks. I can say no more..

What also happens in the watching of Blackstone, well for me anyway, is that you forget the severely naturalistic nature of the filming style completely: because the drama succeeds in transplanting us, as the viewer-there. Along with that still naggingly odd feeling as if you are still peeking in, like in on your neighbours next door.

As if you were in the action itself. But just merely hanging around on the corner. Watching from the corner of our eye. at the same time.

This unusual dual action of the drama in creating believability and sureness of place whilst maintaining a casual objectivity as well: is an endearing effect.

We become drawn into the drama as if we were there: we are no longer looking in. This transition happens to us (the viewer) almost by some kind of magic.

There are many excellent characters and performances in Blackstone. For example the heroine’s sister (Gail) gave an amazingly authentic portrayal of her character’s struggles. Without giving too much away. Sometimes her antics are darkly funny.

Then there is Cecil who seems about ten feet tall and speaks with wise perspicacity. Later we realise that Gail has taken on unknowingly, the same good deeds done for her. By Cecil. Now she does them for other people. Herself.

The Chief is a fascinating power house of a character. Who is constantly shedding layers of his personality like onion skins. And revealing to us what lies underneath. Then underneath that.

At one point you almost feel sorry for him. At another you could even like him. Then he surprises yet again. With his lurch back to that other man. The one that lurks deep inside. Or does it?

Perhaps that is the real Chief. We just don’t know.

The Chief has a Shakespearean intensity.

Some short random notes and dialogue from series One, Two and the beginning of series Three.

Series One.

Debbie to Leona:
“Take your voodoo bullshit out of here and leave me alone!” ha ha.

Series Two.

In one episode it just goes quiet as nothing happens and we just look at that scene in the rain.

Debbie to the Chief:

In one scene the Chief just sits in a field on his three wheeler and just swigs a beer.
“It’s no different!”
“It’s no different!”
He repeats, to the air.
Gail builds a fire.
(gasps, then resumes)
(singing, chanting)
(singing continues)

The Chief sits on the bleachers, drinking and laughs.

Drumming begins.
The music (piano playing) and singing is minorly annoying.


Series Three.
So series three gets all kinds of deep and dark and dangerous.


It has to be said that Blackstone is not hugely cheerful. As a drama.

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