Wolf Creek. Series One. An Australian Horror series based on the original film (2005) Wolf Creek. A One-Off Review. Minor Spoilers only. On FOX Channel HD only on UK Television.

Wolf Creek. Series One.

TV/ Television Description of Wolf Creek:
Episode One:
“When Eve Thorogood and her family take a vacation in the Australian outback, they get more than they bargained for in the shape of a monster named Mick Taylor”.
“Drama, Horror, suspense”.


Series One.
Wolf Creek.
A One-off Review of the first few episodes.
Episodes One and Two.

So Wolf Creek is really rather wonderful I think. Although being entirely and horrifically gory. At intermittent interludes. The warning of strong scenes of violence given at the beginning of episode one: is not for nothing.

I did actually stop watching the Netflix new or updated version of Scream: because of an exact same scene. Which unfortunately had coincided with a little bit too much reality: in the news. But I digress.

First of all as anyone knows or could guess from reading my reviews of the Australian series One of The Code: I could happily watch the red ochre sands and the wide open expanse of the outback all day long.

Just like I loved gazing upon the desert and the sandstone mountains in Skinwalkers-The Navajo mysteries.

There is something about those wide open spaces, that ochre red to orange and that ever burning, blistering sun. Plus the whole very unknown-ness to us: of the land. So unusual to view that it could almost be Mars.

And who doesn’t dream of going to Mars. Except for the fact that you can’t get back. To earth.

The opening credits are the now usual almost but deeply artistic depiction of insects and animals and devourings and death.

Along with neon washed vistas of green, orange and brown. As distant and oddly posed figures stand sideways gazing:into the outback. All is sky and sun and earth.

The colours are simply glorious and continue throughout. The neon orange, green and red seemingly a feature too: of the claustrophobically weird lair or garage of the owner of the blue truck..


It was the series True Blood I reckon which first pioneered the style of the opening credit scenes.


I did find myself gazing down at my dinner at one point: for what seemed like the longest time. Rather than watch that scene. Then I had to decide if I still felt like eating it..


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