Some new and coming soon- TV/ Television shows on UK TV and Netflix. On UK TV: Wolf Creek, New Series of Dag, One Of Us, The Missing Series Two?, Modus, The Outlaws, Nashville-New Series-Four, Mister Robot, Magic City and Made In Chelsea-South Of France. On Netflix in the UK: a mention of the new series Zoo and Series Three of From Dusk Till Dawn. From Dusk Till Dawn will be out on Netflix in the UK on 7th of September 2016.


Celebrity Big Brother 2016.
So I watched the totally and utterly chilling totalitarianism writ large of Celebrity Big Brother 2016.
Then I watched the new series Zoo on Netflix.
Great stuff.

Zoo is based on a book by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. I seem to have a knack of finding and often liking: series based on books.
Series that I have reviewed that are based on books.
For example:
Hemlock Grove Series One, Two and Three.
Wayward Pines Series One.
Bitten. (First two episodes)
Crimes Of Passion.
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

Older series reviewed here that I discover are based on books:
Underbelly. Series One.
Varg Veum-A series of films.
(Except for one of the films which is made up of combined short stories by the author).
The Unit.
Inspector Van Veeteren Series.
Vampire Diaries.

All of the above have been reviewed in full here on this blog except for The Unit which has been referred to in passing.

Nb. Apparently Pretty little Liars is based on a book.
Haven’t quite made my mind up about the series yet. A bit hard going so far..

I see there are some new shows on TV:

New Shows on UK TV.

So this looks interesting:

Wolf Creek
FOX Channel. Based on the original film Wolf Creek of 2005.
New. FOX Channel. To be aired on Tuesday 30th August 2016 @10pm. Nb. Only on FOX HD Channel.

Episode One:
“When Eve Thorogood and her family take a vacation in the Australian outback, they get more than they bargained for in the shape of a monster named Mick Taylor”.
“Drama, Horror, suspense”.

A new series of Dag- Series Four.
On Sky Arts Channel.
Currently showing on Sky Arts Channel. First aired on 3rd of August 2016.

Wednesdays @ 11:00pm and 11:30pm. Two half hour episodes back to back.
One Of Us.

There is a new series on BBC One which aired on 23rd August 2016. Tuesdays @ 9pm.
One Of Us.

BBC One Description of One Of Us:
“A horrific murder shocks two families living in isolated rural Scotland”
With Juliet Stevenson”


BBC One.
The Missing Series Two?

I did get all excited to see a trailer for BBC One drama that included a clip with Inspector Jean Paul Baptiste in, from the series The Missing, in a car!

Was there going to be a new series of The Missing I wondered.

However the answer really wasn’t clear. The TV trailer seemed to be an Advertisement for BBC drama series generally. Whether past or present as in soon to be, new- I really couldn’t tell.

I would watch BBC One to see Jean Luc Baptiste Inspector, Retired. With his extra cool sunglasses, donkey jacket and limp..

A more recent BBC TV trailer announced that:
“The Code, Beck, and Modus (?) will be coming to the BBC this autumn.”

That means series two of the Australian series The Code. I wrote about The Code, series one on this blog.

Modus-BBC Four.
OK-a quick search on Modus- reveals that it is a Swedish Crime drama which is coming to BBC Four/ 4 to fill the Saturday night slot of 9pm traditionally (but not so much recently except for some random episodes of Beck) reserved for foreign language dramas shown on UK Television.

So all of the above mentioned series in the more recent BBC TV trailer must have referred to BBC Four only.
Series Two of The Missing?  BBC One
According to my quick internet search just now: there will be a series Two of The Missing. On BBC One. Date as yet unknown.

The second series will feature a different story and cast of characters. Except for Inspector Jean Luc Baptiste with his photo-reactive glasses!

Nb. I have found the correct name for these glasses: photochromatic.

The story in series two will be about another missing person..

New series-The Outlaws.
A Belgian series. First aired on 28th August 2016. On More 4 Channel and More4 HD. Fridays @ 9pm. Nb. “The Outlaws is a Walter Presents Production from All4.”

The Series description is too spoilery..

So I also discovered, completely by chance, a new Belgian series called The Outlaws.

Unfortunately it transpires that I have missed the first episode and it isn’t available. The first episode being really rather important. Especially as this is a murder mystery.

A Short Series Description of The Outlaws:
However the bad new for me anyway, is that The Outlaws is described as:
“A Belgian comedy Murder drama”.

Murder comedy is just not my cup of tea. Now horror comedy-maybe. But that only really worked in Z-Nation-for me.
Nashville. Series Four.
Now on Sky Living and Sky Living HD and E4 Channel and E4 HD. First aired on 25th August 2016. Thursdays on Sky Living @ 10pm.

So Nashville returns-yey!
Series Description:
“A country music star is forced to team up with a younger starlet to keep her career afloat.”

Where to start. So much has happened.

What’s not to love about this soap opera set in the world of country music and based in Nashville, Tennessee. With some live performances: this time including Juliette singing ‘Crazy’ by Patsy Cline.

Plus the harmonising vocals of Scarlett and Gunner, the two young songwriters are sublime.
Then there are men in cowboy hats with Southern manners who wear cowboy boots and play guitar.


(Mister) Mr. Robot.
First aired on Universal Chanel in the UK on 18th of August 2016.

Series Description of Mr. Robot:
“A young programmer who suffers from an anti-social disorder conncects with people by hacking them”
“With Christian Slater.

Magic City.

A new series exclusive to Virgin TV.
Series description of Magic City:
“Glitz. Glamour. Gangsters. Get ready for Magic city coming exclusively to Virgin TV from 1st September”.

From the trailer for Magic City:
Looks like it’s set in the early days of Las Vegas..

Yep. The titles say:
“1959. Miami Beach. The Miramar. Witness the playa. The birth of an empire..”

“To be aired on 1st September. Series One and Two available on demand on Virgin TV. Tivo/XL only.”

Well I am a sucker for a terse series description. It was mainly on that basis that I watched Skinwalkers-The Navajo Mysteries and From Dusk Till Dawn. On Netflix.


Made In Chelsea-South Of France.
E4 Channel Mondays @ 9pm.

The increasingly charmless serial swoppers (without/ sans Lucy and Stephanie Pratt) are off on their hols/ holidays to the South Of France for the summer.

Wonder quite how sunlight can look like that. All the time. Pretend you are there. In a villa by the sea. Unless you actually are of course..

Learn from Mark Francis that:
“Monaco is the only place in the world where the weekend is not cliche!”.
From Dusk Till Dawn-Series Three.
Oh yes-nearly forgot-There will be a Series Three of From Dusk Till Dawn.

Series Three of From Dusk Till Dawn is to be aired on Netflix in the UK on 7th September 2016.

Nb. The original film of From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) is on Netflix.

The original film covers most of series One of the Netflix Series. With George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino.

Nb. The writer of the original film From Dusk Till Dawn is Robert Kurtzman. The director is Robert Rodriguez. The screenplay is by Quentin Tarantino who also stars as one of the Gecko brothers.

To the best of my recall (I will double-check) Robert Kurtzman writes the story, Robert Rodriguez directs and Quentin Tarantino does the screenplay: for the later Netflix Series of From Dusk Till Dawn.

Brilliant stuff.

I wrote about From Dusk Till Dawn, the Netflix series here on this blog-series one and two.

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