Atelier. Series One. ” A Japanese web television drama”. “A coming of age drama”. On Netflix. In Japanese with English subtitles. My Mini-Potted Review on the First Twenty Minutes of episode One. Minor Spoilers Only.

Netflix Description of Atelier:
“A young “fabric geek” lands a job at an upscale Japanese lingerie company–and quickly discovers she’ll need help to survive.”
Four Stars.  One Season/ Series.  2015.
“TV Programmes.”  “TV Drama”.


Series One.
A Mini-potted Review on the first twenty minutes of Episode One.
I liked Atelier and especially the heroine, Mayuko Tokita, who had such a sweet charming face and was totally convincing as the innocent ingenue intern. She starts her new job straight after graduating in Textile Studies from College.

Mayuko Tokita both loves and is an expert on textiles of every kind.  She knows exactly which material has what properties, its weight and thread count.  Everything.  She gets excited when she sees people sewing, creating things on sewing machines, inside shops in the city streets.

Mayoko meets her friend whose outfit reminded me of one of Carrie’s in the series Sex and The City.

Indeed the intern’s new boss is a carbon copy in appearance, well the sunglasses and the helmet like bob-looks like Anna Wintour.  The Doyenne of American fashion.  Possibly.  But more likely probably-these touches are fashion in jokes within the drama.

So Atelier is beautifully filmed and focuses mainly on the sumptuous and work-a-day studio and shop of the bespoke lingerie company.  Where the heroine Mayuko comes to work.  We follow her progress right from her very first day.

Of course in the traditional Cinderella sort of way and perhaps in all classical fairy tales: the heroine knows more than all the rest of the workers and staff.  In fact she is an expert.  On textiles of every shape, colour, weight density and form. As we know.

And as classical tales of this kind always go, the veteran boss has run out of creative ideas..

I would have continued watching Atelier because of it being enjoyable to watch, if a little slow in pace and so beautifully created.

However the story was feeling a little bit too generic for me.  As wonderful as it was to see Japan and this city in which it is set (possibly Tokyo but I wasn’t sure) And to hear Japanese.

However I did feel like the English translation was a bit lacking.  Indeed the English passages were often only one line of speech and in one unusual case-no translation at all!  This sadly truncated translations. (well I can only guess as I don’t know Japanese).

However I do know that there was a great long passage of Japanese speech-then just one English sentence or two, in the subtitles! Which seems odd and sad.

There were huge bits of Japanese speech missing.



The quotes in the title of this write-up describing the series are taken from Wikipeida-Atlier-sourced on 30th August 2016.

Wiki also explains that the drama takes place in:
“Tokyo’s Ginza District”.

And that:
“The high class lingerie company is called Emotion”.
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