Teen Wolf-Series One. An American Supernatural Series on Netflix. My First Review of the first Few episodes. To be followed by my Final Review of Series One and a Postscript written after watching Series Two. Minor spoilers Only. See next posting dated 8th August 2016.

monday, 1 august 2016

Netflix Description of Teen Wolf:
“An animal bite turns a high schooler into a werewolf and he suddenly becomes a star athlete and chick magnet.  But with a new set of problems.


Teen Wolf

Series One.
My First Review of the first few episodes.Yes I’m watching Teen wolf.  I don’t care. Admittedly I rejected the series initially.  when Netflix wrote to me: telling me there is a new series they thought I would/ might like.  Oh dear.  That looks deeply sad. another sort of Vampire diaries teenager-ish thing.Mind you, I watched Vampire Diaries faithfully for a while.  And enjoyed writing about it.  Until Vampire Diaries got so terribly contorted with stories as the seasons went on.Plus I couldn’t really bare to watch the inevitable happen.  To the heroine..
But I digress.

After watching: Between (Series Two), Spotless and then Stranger Things consecutively in a row-I was metaphorically glutted.  On quality drama. where could I go?  what would I do?  I wasn’t in the mood for anything heavy.

I tried a few things: Lava Field, The Atelier, Muro Koro, Heartlands, even the Mako Mermaids.  But I just couldn’t settle to any of them although I gave them a good try.

Oh yes, the Morning Call-another Japanese drama.  Not quite sure why Netflix points out “Japanese Dramas” because of my interest in Drama world.  Which was South Korean.

I completely forgot Continuum in my original list at the beginning of this paragraph.  You see-I’ve used up all the good drama I told myself.  it will be ages now untill such good pickings can be grown again. Like it was an orchard.

I didn’t want anything too serious.  Too portentous.  Or pretentious. Or preachy-teachy (you know-official issues).  So how about Teen Wolf?  Maybe that will do..

Well it turns out that Teen wolf is a lot better than I expected.  Plus plenty horrific and nicely horror laden in parts.  Classic horror scenes beautifully created by the makers of the drama and lovingly done.

As in the creators of the series fondly reference many classic horror film scenes as well as embellishing further the werewolf repertoire of every werewolf film and series.

Then the series mixes these classical horror conventions all up in a great big pot with a good stir.

All this gives Teen Wolf a whole new twist on the werewolf genre.  Great fun.  Funny in parts.  Even laugh out loud.  Well once.  For me.  Some soppy romantic bits but thankfully for not too long.

Plus some really excellent acting..From all the main characters..  Particularly young Scott as the budding teen wolf and his friend the ever wise cracking sarcastic and clever: Stiles.

Then there is the gimlet eyed father of Allison, the possibly more than minorly insane gym Teacher, Bug-eyed and rapidly evolving Jackson, the jumpy and mysterious Veterinarian (the Priest from The Walking Dead) and several zany, supremely sarcastic male teachers.

You see after a while you start to realise that Teen wolf is a classic who-dunnit as well.  And you start suspecting people..I should say no more.

To be continued.


Final Review of Series One.

So I’m at the end of series one now and for me anyway: Teen wolf turned out to be really rather rip roaring fun.

This series is one of those rare ones that is more than the sum of its parts.  Like when you might think a drama is gonna be lame and corny. And sure, some bits probably are.  There is enough excellent acting in it plus believablility.

Then there is that unpredictable swathe of indefinable style, art even: in the dram’s appearance.  or indeed, the experience of watch it it.  As time goes on. Everything just works.  and more besides.

I started having deep thoughts towards the end of the series.  Then I remembered that I had thought about this aspect of Teen wolf before: which is that the drama is effectively both a dissertation on and a dissection of masculinity.


Written after watching Series Two.

There are some amazing special effects and Computer Generated Image/ C.G.I in Teen Wolf.  Both spectacular and subtle.  Especially the myriad nuances of the transformation of the young teenager as the Teen Wolf.

The fact that Teen Wolf is so believable as a drama larges and initially rests on that actor’s mesmerising and convincing performance.  As the oft -transitioning werewolf.

Sometimes indeed after a while: they don’t even have to show us any visible change.  He just convinces with a mere certain look in his eyes.

Not only this described but we watch the hero transitioning: along with some of his friends, into an older (wiser) different person.  As the series progresses.


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