Continuum-Series Four. A Canadian Science Fiction/ Sci Fi Series. Some short episode notes and a one-off Final Review. Nb. This is the final series. Minor spoilers Only. On Netflix. My previous write-ups on Continuum-the earlier series were posted on 16th October and 1st December of 2015.

tuesday, 2 august 2016
Series Four
First Few episodes.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So I love Continuum.

I’m on episode three now. I believe Continuum is Canadian and I often like Canadian series.
Created by Simon Barry.

For the life of me I can’t remember what happened to Dixon.

The future soldiers are like Vikings or Romans or both.

Love it when Gharza and Kiera go on a mission and they both have the super-duper suit.

The fights are pretty heinous. Even though nobody really uses guns.

C’mon Gharza and Kiera. Go Lucas! Oh no. Things just got serious.

I wasn’t sure what was going on there. It was like Travis was hypnotising Kiera!

End of episode notes.

Other random dialogue:

“It’s Supernova weird!”

“Harumph..” (I forget exactly now)



So Continuum is Continuum. That’s what I will say. I’m a bit loathe to review it, as it seems super spoilery if you haven’t seen Series one, two and three.

So talking about the final series is a bit of a minefield. Metaphorically. A safer sounding metaphor being hopping frog-like (well actually you would really need to be a frog to make it work) from lily pad to lily pad-on a pond.

I would say that at one point the series seemed quite intensely long: the next minute it was over. Noo!

I think it was all the mind boggling future forward timelines and various conundrums that were stretching my mind. Therefore possibly- stretching time.


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