Between-Series Two. My One-off Review. Minor Spoilers Only. Netflix.

wednesday, 3 august 2016
Series Two
So I wasn’t really planning on writing episode notes for Between. So I didn’t. Beyond remembering this:
“It’s fifty three days since our lives went to hell.”
Spoken by Adam. As a good introduction perhaps.

I was kind of putting off Between Series Two. Not because it is bad because it s so good.

But also I know that the drama is heavy, intense, harsh. Chillingly realistic. Achingly artistic. Apocalyptic.

I started to think Between was at the level as a creation-of The Walking Dead. Though it is unfair to compare.

Between is a drama of that quality but beyond. Off on it’s own whole new thing. A step beyond.


Between was stunning to watch I felt.

Particularly this series for me-which amped up its game, gathered up its dark and foreboding skirts and went somewhere else entirely dramatically speaking: towards the end..
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