Good Witch-Series One. A Canadian Supernatural drama series. Some notes and dialogue on episodes: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven Eight and Nine. With my First Review after Episode Six. Minor spoilers Only. On Netflix in the UK.

saturday, 16 july 2016
Good Witch.
Netflix Description:
“Raising her daughter in a small town, an enchanting widow with magical powers provokes the interest and exasperation of a skeptical big-city doctor”.
2016. Five stars. Two seasons/ Series.

Series One.
Good Witch.

Episodes one and two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So the Good Witch is kind of like Bewitched but updated.

The Good Witch is a fair bit older than the eponymous hero.

The good witch is really smug and supercilious and smiley. I mean she just never stops smiling.

I mean if You were the Doctor and you had just arrived in town and your neighbour came round and they were smiling that much-you would think they were insane.

All the women smile a lot.

The gentle music is verging on seriously annoying.

She (the Good Witch) talks in riddles and quotes only.

It’s all very sweet and saccharine. But somehow works. Did I mention that the meaningful music is annoying.

However things have been getting yawn-some for a while now.

Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
Did I mention that if you were the Doctor and you had just arrived in town and your neighbour came round and they were smiling that much-you would think they were insane.
(or maybe that is just the city I’m thinking of)

In fact all the women are so damn smiley. It’s like they are all on something..
I think they are. All on the Good Witches’s herbal drinks..

The Good Witch really is seriously annoying. She just superciliously smiles. All the time. Like-all the time. She sends her daughter to school on Valerian root drink.

You just know the drama will write itself. The good but annoying Witch will cure everybody in town plus the Doctor and his son. Etc. etc.

However in spite of all this described above the Good Witch is eminently watchable.

The acting is all good. Especially when the Good Witch isn’t there. The Doctor is an excellent comedy actor and is genuinely funny I felt.

As is McGyver (as Ryan). Well I think it’s McGyver (plus from Farscape).
Episode Four.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The son of the Doctor is a really good actor too. All the men are good, in fact. Plus Madison, or rather Grace is excellent.

What did I tell you, before long the doctor is telling Cassie(the Good Witch) all his problems..

Yes it’s all heartwarming stuff. However it is all eminently watchable. All the teenagers are excellent characters too.

Can’t believe I’m still watching this but I am. Gentle piano or is it Glockenspiel music and all.

No. I’m in Hallmark land. I went into a portal..

Not to be cruel or anything but the whole love interest idea with Cassie and the Doctor and Ryan is a bit daft. Because she’s about twenty years older than them.. I think we’re just supposed to ignore this fact.

Watching this is like watching several Christmas episodes at once of a series.

There are some excellent characters and for once some really good parts for the men.

Much as I’m enjoying Good Witch I have been secretly imagining some fateful tragedy to occur. Like Cassie’s husband may have been… (murdered-Oops) I cannot say.

Look-I’m sorry guys-Doctor and Ryan-it’s like she’s your Grandma.

If I keep watching this I might turn into a melted sweet and sickly sauce-on the floor. That used to be some great big fat donut. Or a divine Greek pastry. All melted on the floor. From a surfeit of saccharine. A Saccharine overload..

Episode Five.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I can’t believe I am still watching this. But I am. The dialogue- apart from the saccharine stuff is really good.

Ryan and Cassie together are seriously cringe.

Episode Six.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I’m still watching. Its no good: there’s no hope for me now. You go on ahead. I’ll be all right..
It’s OK. I have chocolate.

Everything is wonderful. The houses are wonderful. Multicoloured potions in beautiful shaped bottles are everywhere.

There are nooks and crannies filled with cute sofas and glowing lamps.

The whole romantic story-line between Ryan and Cassie is embarrassing in the extreme. To watch.

First Review.
Yes, a lot of the Good Witch is a bit cringe. A bit Christmas movie. Yet amazingly: the drama works. Due solely to the eminently watchable acting. Including some fine comedy acting. In my opinion.

Comedy acting is hard I reckon. and this sort of odd as in sickly, sickly bland updating of Bewitched still retains a classic comedy feel. all this is a hard act to pull off. And I think everybody does it admirably.

Next Episode-
Episode Seven.

There are also about a million candles everywhere. Cassie is always cooking and making something.

Bleuch. Cassie and Ryan.

Around episode seven good Witch got better. Came together.

I long ago accepted the plinky plonky music.

The scenery is magical. From the outside. Especially in the snow.

The Mayoress and her story is brilliantly acted I think.

Episode Eight.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I just knew that Good Witch Cassie and the Doctor…

Yes the Mayoress and her Lieutenant, plus her husband are good characters.

The Mayoress of Blairsville:
“My Military Protected Vehicle..”
Ha ha.

The Doctor is so hunky in his surgeon’s gown.

So in spite of being severely soppy most of the time indeed (the) music too, Good Witch is increasingly good.

Oh yes I meant to say earlier I just knew that Cassie and Doctor Denton were going to go all World War Two on us..

Next Episode Nine.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Actually I lost count. They just slid, seamlessly by. Like honey dripping off a Greek Baklava.

But a while back then I realised I was actually smiling. This is terrible.
Because of all the damn smiling.

OMG. Is it humanly possible for that many women to be smiling. At once. All the time.

It really can’t be humanly possible to smile for that long.

I did consider that Ryan, the ever smiling love interest to Cassie might have done something…to Cassie’s tragically murdered husband. But nope. I’ve given up on all that now.

It, the drama really is just gonna be about the simple stories of everyday life in Middleton.

Now I’m surfing on saccharine . Dunno when I’ll be back.
Or how fat.


End of series One.


To be continued.


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