Z-Nation-Series One-A SyFy Original on Netflix. Episodes Four, Five, Six and Seven- some notes and dialogue with short notes on Episodes Eight and Nine and then random dialogue from Episode Ten onwards. Review at the end. Nb. Minor Spoilers-recommended to watch the first three episodes before reading. Please see Z Nation posted on 13th May 2016 for Episodes One, Two and Three with first Review

Friday, 20 May 2016

Netflix description of Z Nation:
“A team embarks on a perilous cross country mission to transport the one man who survived a deadly zombie virus, hoping he holds the key to the vaccine”.

Episode Four.
“Full metal Zombie”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I like the humourous element to Z Nation.

“Humans at six O’ clock..”

Citizen Z:
“Who the hell is playing all these cat videos?”
“I might have known cats would be the harbringer of the apocalypse!”

Murphy is pleasingly sardonic and sarcastic.

Citizen Z takes time out from a transmission to chat with Addison/ Addy Carver.
Citizen Z:
“Hi what’s going down over there?”
“The world’s going to Friggin’ hell!”
“How about you?”
Citizen Z:
“Oh, same ole, same ole!”

Two of the group are National Guard.

“I got aspirin, antibiotics, Cyprio, Oxycontin”
The soldier looks at him.
A little later.
“The General will see you now.”

Ha ha. You just know that the General is going to be barking mad.

The Kid:
“One thousand and ninety one”
“One thousand and ninety two”
A little later
“One thousand and ninety four!”
He smiles.

The kid likes to put a lighted cigarette in a sort of holder in his gun before he shoots.

So in amongst the humour and..

“Hell we don’t need no vaccine, we just need a hundred kilos of some primo ganja!”

So as I was saying, in amongst the humour is some horrific horror and horrible hellish happenings.
And bucket loads of suspense. Plus imaginatively created special effects.

“Doctor Morgan Stanley?”
“I give you mercy”.

Me I’ve incorporated my baseball hat.

Yes, some very imaginatively created scenes. Of killing zombies generally.

Oh my good God. I can’t look.

General McCandles:
“What do you people want anyway?”
“We’re on a mission to save the human race”
“General McCandles.”
“I think we’ll seek alternate transportation”..

Colonel McCandles:
“You think I’m insane, don’t you?”

Citizen Z:
“This is a song for all the lonely people out there..”

The flashbacks are harsh.

(snarling ceases)

Episode Five.
“Home Sweet Zombie”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Southern Illinois.

Warren:That one needs tipping..”

Garret to Warren:
“I’m thinking of having a barbecue out here..”
“I love what they have done with the landscaping, the flowers..”
“Yeah, too bad they’re dead.”

Murphy to the Doc:
“You know, if we bred those two, it’ll be all over for the zombies!”

This is a beautifully constructed scene.

Each episode starts with quite a long piece of action: Then the episode officially starts..

Another brilliant and wonderful scene is building.

Garret and Warren exchange snappy dialogue whilst they dispatch zombies. Again.

Did I mention that Murphy is sardonic and humourous.

Thingy to Warren:
“There’s a chance he’s alive..”

Warren to Garret:
“That life is gone, I’ve known that for a long time”.

Um I think they found some firemen.

Wind howling.

One of them: (the group)
“It’s a tornado!”
“It’s green!”
Yes! Just like in (the series) Once Upon A Time.

“I give you mercy, and God give you peace..”

Oh no. So there is a whole new twist to the tornado.
“Really God?”

The man is called Garret. The other is called Matt.

So weird things are happening.

And I’ve been wondering just how mad Citizen Z might be going.

Different stands of story line coming together in the most tumultuous way. Not to mention the tornado..

Citizen Z: (on the radio)
“If you’re still alive out there”
“You’re the baddest of the bad asses”
“I take my headset off to you..”


Episode Six.
“Resurrection Zombie”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Brilliant stuff.

“I am not the resurrected, I am the Messiah!”
“Oh Ye of little faith..”

“No, just Murphy”.

So. Absolutely gripping stuff..
But very sad.
(melancholic guitar music plays)

Citizen Z:
“Maybe we’ll find out why this zombie apocalypse happened..”
“All this death and destruction..”
“But maybe we got the zombie apocalypse we deserved”
He continues:
“But one day, this will all be over”
“And maybe we can get it right next time”..

(yawn/ preachy teachy alert)


Episode Seven.
“Welcome To The Fu-Bar”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Murphy to Doc:
“She’s got post traumatic stress!”
“Hell, there ain’t no post about it”
“We got present day traumatic stress..”

So Zombie nation is just getting darker and darker.
But I think it will always retain its sweet humourous tone too.

Murphy is brilliant I think. A kind of grizzled ancient alternate Clint Eastwood.

I’m getting the feeling that there are some preachy-teachy points about guns.

All of his episode is filmed like an old Western.

So that was a bit of a weird interlude.

What did I say. Now they are playing Cowboy Western music even. Or Spaghetti Western music.

And someone’s got a very big knife.

It’s like Gun splatting city.

Doc to Warren:
“You know where you’re going?”
“Following the sun..”


Episode Eight.
Short notes.

Oh, episode eight with may well be my favourite.

And earlier someone said:
“Go on, make my apocalypse”.


Episode Nine.
“Die, Zombie, Die…Again”.
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Matt to a zombie:
“Sometimes you’re the windshield..
“Sometimes you’re the bug”..

Episode nine is heinous indeed. And I mean seriously heinous. And seriously creepy. Superlatively so..


Episode Ten onwards.
Snippets of dialogue only:
Because I can’t resist.

Nb. I did not note down the separate episodes whilst writing the notes and dialogue from Episode Ten onwards.

All notes and dialogue were written in the chronological time of watching the episodes.

List of episode titles:
Episode Ten.
“Going Nuclear”

Episode Eleven.
“Sisters Of Mercy”

Episode Twelve.
“Murphy’s Law”

Episode Thirteen.
“Doctor Of The Dead”
Starting with Episode Ten:
“Going Nuclear”.

Murphy: (on finding a stash of some vodka)
“Ah, Vitamin V, the elixir of the apocalypse!”.

Murphy to the universe:
“Thank for the apocalypse!”

Addy Carver:
“Cinderella, dressed in yella”
“Went upstairs to see her fella”
“Took a pill”
“Lost her frill”
“How many zombies did she kill?”
“One, two, three, four..”
She twirls, girlishly and grins.

Murphy to Addy:
“Somebody got up on the wrong side of the apocalypse..”

Murphy to a woman:
“Part of me really wants you to stop..”
“But I really want a piece of pie”.

“Nice people always scare me..”

A little girl sings:
“Butterfly, butterfly, fly away”
Two little butterflies..”
“Then there was one..”

“This golf course has seen better days”
“This is so sad, I learnt to play in prison,”
“Always wondered what it would be like with the country guys”.

Citizen Z:
“Even though it’s not the season,”
“T’was the night before Christmas, all the the done,”
“So on Blingo and Hotdoy and Kayna..”

“You want me to walk through there?”
“They’re like the Usain Bolt of zombies!”

“God, I hate the apocalypse!”



So I am somewhat taken aback-even horrified- to discover that Z-Nation is listed as a “Horror-Comedy”. In Wikipedia.

I only wanted to look up the episode names. I wish I’d never looked. I’d rather not have known. This is why I never read any other review until after I’ve written mine. And I rarely read reviews at all.

A Horror-Comedy-really? Well you could have fooled me. Or maybe this classification is what Z Nation is. What the hell is a horror comedy anyways. Z Nation I guess. It’s just the word comedy I have a problem with. Humorous-yes. But not comedy.

At times it seemed more like a parody-to me. I did even wonder if some points were being made in the drama that were preachy-teachy. But not comedy.

I am loathe to talk about the preachy- teachy points: since that would mean engaging with that very preachy teachiness that I find so extremely irksome. In dramas these days.

I prefer to think of Z Nation as I described it: with sweet, humorous tones. In amongst and amidst all the gore, horror and suspense. I think I am railing about the idea that comedy somehow lessens the seriousness and quality of this drama. Downgrades it somehow. Which seems/ feels wrong. To me anyway.

Z Nation was plenty serious. It could be said to have comedic moments. Even be comical in fact. Murphy in particular trod that thin line-that tightrope. Between horror and humourous happenings and effervescent charm laced with sarcastic quips.

Murphy pretty much acted the rest of the characters off screen. He practically creates his own myth and legend throughout the course of the story single-handedly. Whilst delightfully grumping, complaining, picking and moaning. All along. Like the most ordinary of men.

Picking. Well I will not say quite what. That Murphy is picking at..

Doc is wonderful character too. As they all are. Plus, we have the amazing performance of young Simon, at the Arctic base. Who, if you think about it, performs solo, except to his dog, throughout.

The action and the drama itself: is fast pace and suspenseful. With some severely surreal slower paced interludes.

The speedy and tumultuous start to the drama with its instant introductions of characters: is balanced out later. By flashbacks and explanations. Of individual characters’s back-stories. What they were doing before the apocalypse. What happened the night the virus hit. Who did they lose of / in their family. And so on.

There are some truly spectacular horror scenario zombie set-ups. And worse. By which I mean those humans..

Towards the end in spite of having incorporated my baseball hat very early on (for eye protective purposes in the really gory bits) I had hardly used it at all.

Until some certain scenes come along and it seemed I had forgotten the art of pulling down the baseball hat so I couldn’t see completely: and was engaged in a sort of squinting instead. Whilst looking away to the side and uttering “urgghh”.

There was some slightly soppy schmaltzy or just plain slushy romantic bits in Z Nation. Which I am not sure quite worked.

Likewise the weird interlude referred to (in episode notes). Which on reflection was probably all about signifying official female empowerment. A scene which was weirdly underwhelming even embarrassing. Cringeworthy to watch. In spite of supposedly being manically violent.

However in spite of these few small glitches or hiccups along the way: I thought Z Nation was hugely enjoyable zany madcap fun. With a main cast of realistically likeable and charming characters.

Now that I know it is listed as a horror comedy, I feel all wrong footed in my review. Hell, for all I know everything in it was a parody. However. Who cares. It was funny. Immensely charming. Whilst much of Z Nation I believe was seriously meant.


I see that there is a series/ season Two of Z Nation. But it’s not on UK Netflix. Yet.

And a series Three! “Coming soon”..


Z Nation is based on a video/ computer game apparently.


It looks like you can watch the next series two online on the SyFy website for Z Nation. However-there are minor to major spoilers involved just looking at this page as it has all the episodes and descriptions on the one page. Plus pictures.


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