Thicker Than Water/ ӒN VATEREN A very short review of the first part of Episode One. In Swedish with English subtitles. Minor spoilers Only. Was n in the UK on More4 Channel in the UK.

Thicker Than Water/ ӒN VATEREN

Episode One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
TV announcer:

“Can she make them stay more..”
Since when did TV announcers start announcing the plot?

A woman sits alone in a boat, rocking in the water, she is doing something that doesn’t bode well..

Everything is beautifully shot in dappled light and muted colours.
The look of the drama is quite dated.  Is it meant to be in modern times or somewhere between the 70’s and 90’s.  Not sure..I only ask because of the girl Kim’s hair style.
We meet first one then the second character.  The first we see has problems.  The second is an actress. Then the third character who appears to live with his mother.

Short Review of first part of Episode One.
Oh-I dunno.  I just got bored.  It was all a bit droopy and dreary.  The dated yellowish sepia effect was somehow muted and annoying.
Annoying possibly because this deadening sun dappled treatment and paucity of regular light was leading me to have problems placing the drama in time.
What year or decade was it meant to be?  I guess I just wanted to know-before I settled down.  But it looked like the matter wasn’t going to be resolved any time soon.

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