The Disappearance/ Le Disparu. A French Police drama. Part One Review of Episodes One and Two. Some notes and dialogue of Episode One only with Review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC Four/ 4 Channel-Saturdays @ 9pm. Two episodes back to back. In French with English Subtitles.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Disappearance.

Series One Episode One TV Description:
“Lea Morel celebrates her seventeenth birthday by attending the local Lyon music festival with her friends. When she has not returned the next morning her desperate parents contact the police.

Series Description:
“After a girl goes missing at a music festival, the police launch an investigation.”

The Disappearance/ Le Disparu.

Episode One.
some notes and dialogue on first watching.

(sound fades)
The music concert is over.

Lea’s mother has fallen asleep on the sofa. It’s 4 am.
Now it’s 4:18.
5:28 am

The mother is waiting and waiting.
Finally-she gets dressed.
“Where are you going?” the husband says.
“To look for my daughter”.

So here is the eponymous new Detective. Commander Molina. He has the usual estranged relationship with his daughter.

I know who I suspect . And did from the beginning.

And the new Detective has a motorbike. Of course he does.

The Police seem decidedly unbothered. The Detective goes home.

Review of Episodes One and Two.

So this drama took off in pace about halfway through the first episode. We are getting impatient as are the parents-because nobody in the Police seem to be doing much in the beginning. Of the disappearance.

However I reminded myself that this is just Police procedure. The first twenty four hours or something. There are rules I guess about how long you have to be missing before they take it seriously.

Yet Lea was a minor. Perhaps she is not a minor in France. Her parents didn’t seem too bothered that she turned out to have a boyfriend. Nor did the other parent of the rich boyfriend. Still, I digress.

Yes, the slowness of the pace at first I believe is meant to reflect the slowness of everything happening as it seems to the parents. And their frustration at the pace of the Police investigation. At first. I must admit I was feeling this too.

I must be used, I found myself thinking, to the computer centred fast-paced American Detective investigations in dramas. It seemed like forever that the Detective casually asked an eponymous Tech guy in a basement: to put a trace on her phone. And then he went home. I was like-what?! You went home?

I guess that Lyons was a small(ish) town and that Lea was probably considered to be at low risk. That conclusion was my conjecture. The original innocent and seemingly safe small town. So beloved of such dramas.

However after some allotted time that only the policemen know, the investigation ratchets up;. In scope and detail and pace. And the father of Lea goes off on a quest. Which I enjoyed. This part of the story-line I mean.

Meanwhile the mother of Lea is mostly catatonic with shock and half repressed grief. However she too goes off on her own escapade. All fired up..

The Disappearance is quietly and affectingly engrossing. It is slowly moving in pace. And will probably remain so. But is already building a nicely evocative atmosphere of suspense and dread.

Plus we are following an interesting investigation. With plentiful secrets to be had and found: along the way.

I started off pretty much immediately suspecting one person: now just about everyone is looking shady..


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