The Disappearance/ Disparu. Review Part Two-An Update up to and including-Episode Six. With some short notes on episodes-Seven and Eight-Final episode. Minor spoilers Only. In French with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on BBC Four/ 4. Nb. This final Review follows on from what was originally a One-Off Review posted on 4th June 2016. The title of that original review has been changed now to Review Part One.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Disappearance/ Disparu.
The Disappearance.
Series Description:
“After a girl goes missing at a music festival, the police launch an investigation.”


Taken from note to my readers on 11th June 2016:

Disappearance/ Disparu.
Turning out to be really rather good. In spite of the dreadful performances to be found in the Police side of the investigation. The family shine throughout.

Very similar in tone and intensity to the Danish series The Killing/ Forbrydelsen Series one. The family’s side of the story that is.


The Disappearance/ Disparu

Review Part Two-an Update.

Nb. I left the last two episodes seven and eight out of my review.

Review of Episodes: Three, Four, Five and Six.

Disappearance is dark and dreadful. And horribly even creepily personal. In flavour to watch. The drama is achingly, breakingly sad. Killingly slow in parts. If you’ll pardon the pun.

Strangely, sometimes, the Police investigation story takes on an almost comical air. I really don’t know why. Of course this take on the drama: may just be me.

However I don’t mind these sort of weird comedic interludes. They are quite refreshing. Since all the rest of it right now is pretty harsh, harsh and dark, stuff..

Me I really hope we find out soon who did it. Because I’m not sure how much more of this depressing-fest I can take.

Although the characters of the Police Detectives are meshing together a bit better. Whilst retaining some Keystone Cops style.

And did I mention earlier that pretty much everybody was looking shady? They still are..

The Disappearance bears a resemblance to a famous Danish Detective series.


Next episode is Seven and Eight-Final episodes.

Episodes Seven and Eight- final episode. Notes only.

Episode Seven.
Some notes on first watching.

So I’m starting to suspect everyone now. I mean pretty much everybody.

The swimming scenes go on a bit.

Did I mention I suspect everybody. And I mean everybody.

Lyons is so beautiful at night.


Episode Eight.
Some notes on first watching.

We see the city castle up high on the hill at night. At the end.


Sirens Call by Cats On Trees.

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