Quick note to my readers of some new and returning series in the UK and on Netflix in the UK: Bates Motel Series Four, Bloodline Series Two-Netflix, Hinterland/ Ygwyll Series Two, Made In Chelsea Series Eleven, Legends series Two,

Friday, 6 May 2016


Bates Motel Series Four, Bloodline Series Two-Netflix, Hinterland/ Ygwyll Series Two, Made In Chelsea Series Eleven, Legends series Two,

Bates Motel Series Four.
Universal Channel in the UK. Tuesdays @ 10pm First aired on 5th May 2016.

So Bates Motel is back which please note I have only recently corrected to its correct title: Bates Motel. All my previous write-ups on Series One, Two and Three are mainly under the title: The Bates Motel. And I have a tendency to write it that way.

I will catch up with Bates Motel at some point.

Bates Motel is classy, beautiful to look at and heavy: as in in your face family themes and tragedy writ large. Plus dark and dastardly doings in abundance. In White Pine Bay..

Nb. The drama does have a warning of:
“Adult Themes”.

Well we do kind of know what happens. If you have seen the film Psycho that is.

I see that Bates Motel series one, two and three are also available on Netflix in the UK.
Bloodline Series Two-Netflix.

Bloodline series two I will definitely check out as I thought series One was excellent. It did not seem like there would be another: but there is.

I wrote about Bloodline here on this Blog: episode by episode with reviews. It was one of those series that was great fun to write about. Particularly describing the scenery, the colours, the wet, semi-tropical Florida Keys. The bayous of the American South.

Plus the mystery, the horror, the suspense…
Netflix Description of Series Two of Bloodline-
which premiéres on 27th May 2016.

“When the black sheep son of a respected family threatens to expose dark secrets form the past, sibling loyalties are put to the test”.

This seems more like a description of Series One to me. Series One had thirteen episodes.


Hinterland/ Y Gwyll. An English language series that was originally done in Welsh.
BBC Four Saturday at 9pm.

Not quite sure if this classifies as a new series as I see that it is listed as first aired in the UK on 23rd December 2015.

However Hinterland Series Two is currently being repeated on BBC Four. This repeat showing started on 30th April 2016.

I believe that Hinterland Series Two is available on Netflix in America currently.

There are two reviews of Hinterland Series One on this blog.

Hinterland is set in Aberystwth, which is within the area of Ceredigion, West Wales.

TV Series Two Description: (there is a bit missing)
“Following the climax of his last case which saw his future hanging in the balance, DCI Tom Mathias is forced to return to the front line when an arson attack at a rural farmhouse leaves a mother and son..”
(this is all I can find)

TV Episode One description: (a description that is a little unfortunate in its wording perhaps)
“When a bus driver’s body is found shot on an isolated mountainside, the investigation provides a welcome escape for DCI Matthias”!

Hinterland has beautiful, stunning scenery but Series One was a little bit underwhelming and daft. In my opinion.

The series has shades of Wallander in its make-up: isolated villages, farmhouses, workshops and odd and ungainly official villagers. With dark secrets..

Nb. The original Series One of Hinterland/ Ygwll was first done in Welsh and then in English. Hence my alternate title.

I am not sure if both versions are available to English viewers. The Welsh language version of series one of Y Gwyll was only available in Wales.

There is a Welsh TV Channel called S4C. This channel is available on Virgin Media TV. I believe that S4C is channel number 166. Or it was a couple of years ago now.

S4C also has a website with a TV player on it. It was this website TV player upon which I watched the Welsh series 35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days. (Reviewed here on this blog)

OK-I have found the S4C website TV Player link and page. PLus I have discovered I have been writing Ygywll incorrectly: it should be written as-Y Gwyll. I will have to go back and correct my write-ups on Series one.

But until then-Hinterland/ Y Gywll is written incorrectly as Hinterland/ Ygwll on this blog.

S4C Website TV Player link where you can watch Y Gywll in the original Welsh with English subtitles available:



Made In Chelsea series Eleven.
Channel E4 in the UK. Mondays at 9pm.

So I didn’t even notice that Made In Chelsea was back. Being so engrossed in the series Once Upon A Time. (Plus I no longer have a newspaper since it went out of print)

Quelle horreure to discover that episodes one and two are no longer available. I had to make do with episode three.

TV Description of Made In Chelsea:
“Lives and loves of a group of twenty-somethings who live in and around London’s exclusive postcodes.”

Vapid and fairly vacuous, mostly, fun.
Legends Series Two. Sky 1 Channel.

With Sean Bean. As an amazingly adept deep undercover agent. Review of first few episodes on Series One are here on this blog.
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