Quick note to my readers of one new and one returning series on Netflix-Spotless and Between-Series Two. A Netflix Original series.

3rd July 2016.

Quick note to my readers-Spotless-A Netflix Original just appeared on Netflix.
OMG! Spotless has just appeared on Netflix. I previewed this eons ago now. I was due to come out on TV then. But I guess it never did.

Netflix description of Spotless:
“The law abiding owner of a crime scene cleaning service is forced into business with a powerful mob boss thanks to his irresponsible older brother.
Five stars (just about) One Season/ series. 2015.

A Netflix original series-Canal + Productions. In French I presume.

More information:
First episode Description:
“He’s a professional at cleaning up the crimes of others. His own life is getting dirtier by the minute.”



Nb. I had assumed that this series was in French-but it is actually in English.
Plus I note the year is 2015. So the series must have come out on TV somewhere before going on to Netflix.

Pretty sure that this series is a remake of an original French film called The Cleaner. I will check. I think I may have seen the film.

Plus-Between returns!
Series Two of Between now on Netflix.
A Netflix Original.

The first series of Between was only six episodes long. I did write about Between here on this blog but never wrote a proper final review. Since I hadn’t realised at the time that six was the final episode.

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