Quick note to my readers- 26th May 2016. Some new and returning series- on BBC Four and Netflix in the UK. BBC Four/ 4-The Disappearance. Bloodline Series Two-A new series description and Orphan Black new Series Four-both on Netflix in the UK.

Thursday, 26 ay 2016
The Disappearance
On BBC Four.

New BBC4 Series on in the UK- starts on Saturday 28th May 2016 @ 9pm Two episodes back to back. In French-I am presuming.

The Disappearance.
Series One episode One TV Description:
“Lea Morel celebrates her seventeenth birthday by attending the local Lyon music festival with her friends. When she has not returned the next morning her desperate parents contact the police.

Series Description:
“After a girl goes missing at a music festival, the police launch an investigation.”


Bloodline Series Two-27th May on Netflix-new Series description.

Netflix Description of Series Two of Bloodline:
“How far will the Rayburns go to guard the secrets that lurk in their family? Farther than they ever dared imagine”.

There are write-ups of Series One Of Bloodline here on this blog-episode by episode. There were thirteen I believe.
Nb. “Farther?” Farther or further? I think it’s further. But apparently these words are interchangeable.

Orphan Black-Series Four.
Orphan Black Series Four on Netflix-who knew? not me. I found this out because of scrolling through Netflix and adding random and interesting looking series to my list.

So Orphan Black was showing a message of:
“New Episode-weekly.

I initially ignored this thinking I had seen all the series. But then I checked it out..

I was going to write the last episode of series three description but it is a bit spoilery if you haven’t seen Orphan Black.

Point is-the last episode description looked familiar-the Series Four episode one description did not. So it looks like this is indeed a new series.

Plus the Netflix date of the series is 2016. There is no day as to when the next episode is due. This makes me think that Series Four has now completed-at six episodes.

Orphan Black, series one through to three, was on BBC Three in the UK. This channel has now gone online. Orphan Black is a Canadian Sci-Fi Series.

Loved Orphan Black although it did get a bit mad in the last few series. I kind of preferred the simplicity of the first few.

However Orphan Black is fairly unique, stuffed full of scientific themes and madcap adventures with portentous doom laden plots. Plus some very excellent acting-particularly by the star and main character-Sarah..

I only did one short review of the beginning of Series One here on this Blog. Because the series was just so much fun to watch. Not saying that there isn’t any gore. There be gore..
Orphan Black Series Four-Now on Netflix-a Netflix Original production.

Netflix Description of Orphan Black:
“When Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her, she assumes the deceased’s identity–and unlocks a world of secrets.”
TV-Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Orphan Black has esoteric and unusual episode titles. Often they are scientifically related. Or summat.

Series Three- Last episode- Number Ten:
“History Yet To Be Written”

Series Four-
Episode One:
“The Collapse of Nature”.

Episode Two:
“Transgressive Border Crossing

Episode Four:
“From Indolent to Rational”

Episode Five:
“Human Raw Material”

Episode Six:
“The Scandal of Altruism”

See trailer for Series Four at the bottom of episode list..

Nb. Update-On Orphan Black Series Four on Netflix:
“New episode coming on Friday.”

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