Once Upon A Time-An American Series On Netflix of five seasons/ series with a five star rating. An update on the later series: Two, Three and Four. Minor spoilers only. My Second Review with a few lines of dialogue at the end. Nb. My first Review and notes and dialogue on the earlier series: Series One and the beginning of Series Two of Once Upon A Time was posted on 30th March 2016.

Monday, 2 May 2016
Once Upon A Time
Netflix Series Description:
“Understanding life is not a fairy tale was her reality. Finding out it was all a lie changes everything.”

“In this fantasy series, a young woman is drawn to a small Maine town and discovers it is filled with elements of the fairy tale world.”

An Update on:

Once Upon A Time

So I’m on series/ season three now or is it four. They slip so seamlessly by. Once Upon A Time is really rather wonderful I think.

For me, series one will remain my favourite. It could almost be as stand alone. Well one and two. I would say.

Yes, sometimes Once Upon A time is patchy and variable as it progresses along. The story, or original story seems stretched out to a point where it could be said to be a tiny bit tiresome. But the drama always adds some different story or strand of a story’s development- into the mix.

And boy-are there stories. To be had. Along with some excellent truly believable and incandescent acting. From all involved. However small or unusual be their part.

There is also the progression of the various main characters and their development. As people. How those characters change along the way. Quite literally in the case of young Henry for example who grows taller and older as the series progresses.

Yes, characters go from bad, to evil to bad. Or just a bit bad then good. Or really good. Then back to evil. Then just plain ole/ old bad. Sometimes. All this is much too complicated to describe.

All this talk of progress, I know. This may reflect my understanding of the teachy-preachy lessons inherent in Once Upon A Time. All quite therapeutic and positive stuff. But teachy-preachy nonetheless.

Like: monsters of various kinds, ogres and giants for example and incredible evil powers wielded by wizards and witches-are not to be feared. Or judged. Because sometimes they are subject to stereotyping and (fairy) tales. But there is (pretty much) always some good in them. In everyone. And or they had a bad childhood. That sort of thing.

Oh and everyone can change. Become a better person. You get my drift.

Mind you for some, very few people, there really is no redemption. I guarantee you will never think about Peter Pan in quite the same way ’cause, he ain’t like you imagined him at all. From the fairy tales.

Like quite a few other characters from the fairy tales: are nothing like what we thought they were at all either.

I think you may have to be in the right mood or frame of mind to be open to the style of Once Upon A Time. As an enjoyable romp through time (magic, magical happenings and madcap adventures) that I don’t think takes itself too, entirely, seriously.

Though there are certainly serious, sad and indeed moving scenes. That the drama can eventually take us into seriousness is down to the acting. Of everyone involved.

There are some gloriously sizzling performances, some wildly outlandish and wonderful gowns and outfits.

There are wonderful mysterious magical objects, there are fantastic palaces and lands.

There is a talking reindeer called Sven. There is Grandpa Pabbie, there are giants. There are even ogres.

I would like to tell more, like about who Grandpa Pabbie is, but I have already said too much. I don’t want to spoil the fun. Of discovering all these magical creatures for yourselves.

Just about every character you may have heard or read about from fairy tales may well make an appearance. Plus some characters not strictly included in those tales. That will surprise and amuse you. Even more.

As well as being frequently therapeutic in nature as described: the dialogue in Once Upon a time is often witty and self-deprecating too.

A few lines only of dialogue off the top of my head:
(as I didn’t plan to write any since even naming the speakers would spoil the fun)

Anna to David:
“Look at you, all heroic”.

Emma Swan:
“Dark Shadow Hollow? It can’t ever be anything nice can it?!”

Captain Hook: (to whom I cannot say):
“Don’t forget, you have a piercing eyed, smouldering, handsome Pirate to come back to”..

Guess who? (I cannot say)
“I miss it..the glamour, the gin..”
“The gin..”


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