Note to my readers on sprawling sagas or multi-season series.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Note to my readers on sprawling sagas or multi-season series.

So I’m suffering from sprawling saga syndrome. Losing patience with TV. I guess I’ve been Netflixed.

Not really suffering-it just goes well with sprawling saga syndrome. And does nicely as an explanation of a condition.

Plus I get to write sprawling saga. Which is much like the words: drug fuelled binge. They always go together.

I feel like I’ve kind of seen all the generic Cop/Police/Federal Bureau of Investigation/ F.BI shows now. Even the updated beautifully created: Marvel comic worthy new series. all so very wonderful to view and lovingly crafted. No doubt. Been there-done that.

Same with even the long running veteran favourites: Special Victims Unit for example. Which I kept watching long after it jumped the shark and plumped resoundingly: on the ground. After the sea-you see.

I dunno. Once you’ve seen a multi-season series it’s just a whole different dramatic experience.

So yes, because of all of the above described: I am actively looking for series that are several seasons long.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be on Netflix I realise: I started off with Grimm on Netflix and (then online) then jumped back to the next half of series five for example on TV.

Continuum, The 4400 and Once Upon A time were all hugely enjoyable fun and several seasons long. Let’s not forget the wondrously wicked Hemlock Grove. And Grimm.

Currently I am affixed or even addicted: to Once Upon A Time. And it’s not over yet..

Indeed perhaps Once Upon A Time will never end. Since a caption above the title announces a new episode each week. Maybe it will go on forever. And I will be in permanent televisual heaven.

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