Marcella- A British ITV Channel production by the creator of The Bridge. A one-off Mini-potted Review of approximately the first twenty minutes. Minor Spoilers only.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Preview of Marcella taken from Notes to my readers posted 1st of April 2016.
A new series airing in the UK which is created by the director of the Swedish/ Danish produced series: The Bridge/ Bron/ Broen.

A thriller starring Anna Freil, set in London instead of Denmark and Sweden!  London Noir maybe.

“An eight part thriller”
Monday 4th April 2016 at 9pm on ITV channel in the UK .  Which is numbers: 103 and 113 for HD on Virgin TV.

“Marcella is the first English language TV Drama by Hans Rosenfeldt, the Swedish creator of The Bridge.”
Quoted from:
Gerard Gilbert, the i-paper. dated 1st April 2016.

TV Description of Episode One of Marcella:
“Can DC Marcella Backland separate her professional and personal life, as she strives to catch a killer while her family falls apart?”


A Mini-potted Review.

Marcella, Marcella, Marcella.  I knew I shouldn’t have bothered.  I knew it would almost be like sacrilege.  Knowing that this drama was from the creator of The Bridge.  It would be wrong.  So very wrong.  To see.

It will be like comparing the sublime Crimes Of Passion with the though lovingly researched and created: grotesque pantomime of Partners In Crime.  And yes.  Marcella was.  Just like that. Comparison.

Frozen faced shouty tick-box characters.  Who have frozen faces and shout.  Basically.  And stamp around some.  With suspiciously pristine jumpers on.  In the Homicide Unit.  Yep.  But their jumpers and general non-dishabille-are just not Scandinavian.  Are they.

None of this would matter if any of the acting was good.  But it’s not.

The first time I tried, rather desultorily, to watch Marcella I barely lasted a few minutes upon seeing Anna Friel bash up her car.  Looking entirely unbothered and mechanical.   No-don’t tell me-she’s officially depressed.  But it was all just so unemotional.  And un-involving.

Looks like I was right-both ITV and Marcella have been BBC One-ed.  I ditched out.  Tried again another time-gave it one more chance-and I felt much the same.

London looked ludicrous.  Where are all the crowds?  Here comes the eponymous snivellingy evil cockney character.  Of course he’s a mad murderer.  This time I ditched out after twenty minutes.

Oh yes and Marcella lives in a seemingly gigantic house in size.  From outside anyway.  On a lone and unlikely road. Right near a tower block.  Yet it all looks oddly out of scale.  Like she was Alice In Wonderland.  Her house is the only one on the road.

Bakeries that sell old fashioned loaves of bread are open at night.  As is the eponymous street market.  Apparently.  Yet there is hardly any people.

The whole thing just seemed hugely unbelievable to me.  Resulting in a lack of credibility.


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