From Dusk till Dawn-Series Two. An American Horror series On Netflix. A Netflix Original. Some notes and dialogue on episodes: Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, Eighteen, Nineteen and Twenty. With Final Review at the end. Minor Spoilers Only. Nb. This final write-up follows on from postings on From Dusk Till Dawn on 4th June 2016, 29th May 2016 and 25th May 2016. With first preview of the series on 21st May 2016.

Friday, 10 June 2016
From Dusk till Dawn-Series Two. 

Netflix description:
“Bank robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and hungry demons south of the border in this original series.

From Dusk Till Dawn.

Series Two.
Random notes and dialogue on first watching from episodes:
Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen and Sixteen.

List of Episode Titles:
Episode Eleven-“Opening Night.
Episode Twelve-“In A Dark Time”.
Episode Thirteen-“Attack of the 50ft Sex Machine”.
Episode Fourteen-“The Best Little Horror House In Texas”.
Episode Fifteen-“Bondage”.
Episode sixteen-“Bizarre Tales”.
Nb.  There are some introductory notes to the first episode of series two at the end of the last posting on series one.

I have just realised that the episode numbers are consecutive and follow on from the end of Series one.  So the last episode of series one was Ten.

I did not always note the seperate episode titles of the episodes when watching these episodes.  I do note the start of episodes: Eleven, Seventeen and Twenty.

All notes are done in the chronological time of watching the episodes.
Starting with Episode Eleven-
“Opening Night”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Seth to some guys:
“I could be Mister Switzerland”
“Get along with other nations”.
“Make great chocolate..”
“Or I could be North Korea..”

Frederico to Kate:
“My mentor used to say that a Ranger’s job is to look unspeakable evil in the eye and then..”

“Who’s that? ( in a photograph)
“Earl McGraw, a legend..”

Santanico at dinner to Chad, the Waiter:
“Red wine…your oldest…”

Frederico and Kate.
“This is crazy.”
“No, we just left batshit city and went to crazy town..”

Frederico has a black hat on now with Ranger stars all around the brim.

Carlos to the Gunslinger:
“Doesn’t that make you special?”
The Gunslinger:
“Ain’t no such thing as special!”

Kate to Fredrico: (about Earl)
“He was like a father to you, wasn’t he?”
“Not like..
(looks down)

Narciso to Carlos:
“C’mon, we’re not animals Carlos”
“We live by a code..”
Carlos to Narciso:
“Relax, relax..”
“We live by a code..”

Carlos has grown sympathetically as a character.

Carlos to a man:
“What’s your name?”
“Do you want the real answer”..
“Or a cryptic one?”
“I’m good at both!”

The man to Frederico:
“Maintain the balance..”
“Between dusk and dawn.”

Earl McGraw to Frederico:
“You ain’t gonna quit..”
“You got the soul of a Ranger.”

You gotta love The Gunslinger, he’s brilliant.

Ritchie and Seth in 2008.
“Here’s to getting fat and dying in the arms of a beautiful woman!”.


Episodes Seventeen, Eighteen and Nineteen.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Episode Titles:
Episode Seventeen-“Bring Me the Head Of Santanico Pandemonium”
Episode Eighteen-“The Last Temptation Of Richard Gecko”
Episode Nineteen-“There Will Be Blood”.
Nb.  I did not note the seperate episode titles when I wrote these episode notes.

The notes are written in the chronological order of watching the episodes.

Starting with Episode Seventeen.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Seth to Malvado:
“May I say I love what you’ve done with the place”..
“That whole Merle Haggard vibe goes well with the Thulsa Doom accents..”

Waitress to Seth:
“Hi handsome, how are you?”
“Living the dream..”
“What can I get you?”
“How about a bowl of Nachos and a Jim Beam neat”.
” OK, Dark and Stormy..”

Malvados to Seth:
“It was like a dam breaking..”
“All that hatred..”
“You mean like the bullshit coming out of your mouth?!”

There is some brilliant music in From Dusk Till Dawn.  And it always goes with the scene.

You gotta love Uncle Eddie.  I do.

Uncle Eddie:
“Boy, this is some serious shit!”

Seth gets the best music as he goes in and out of bars.  Looking incredibly cool in his soul suit.

Ritchie to a guy:
“What’s that??
“Hershey’s Highway?”

“I was gonna give a fuck..”
“But I ran out of fucks to give”.

The dialogue is brilliant and too voluminously witty to always write down.

Frederico’s/ is the man.

Malvados is a brilliant character too.

Seth to a guy:
“Go, make it Skippy”

OMG.  Just when I had taken my hat off.  Brilliant stuff.


Episode Twenty-Final episode:
“Santa Sangre”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Yey.  Someone puts on Federico’s black hat.

Gonna stop here .  More notes would be too spoilery.

Besides-tumultuous stuff is happening..

Carlos to the band:

The band sings:
“How about a little mood music?”..
“Crusin for a bruisin..”
“I won’t tread your turf no more.”

But wait, here come the Gecko brothers.
“Two down,”
“A shit to go.”
” You got your balls on?”
“Screwed on tight”.

All the while a gorgeous guitar acoustic plays.


Nb. the band is playing in time with the action sequence.




Final Review

One of the things  I liked about From Dusk till Dawn was that-not only was it a drama mainly about male characters which is rare indeed: men got to be men.

Yep.  They got to have tumultuous shoot out against insurmountable odds.  With giant pump action shotguns they casually hold over their shoulders.  Like they were holding a jacket through its loop. Old fashioned style.  With no shirt on.  For example.  I just happen to remember that scene.

There is pumping urgent action scene music which plays in such scenes and somehow works.  How refreshing to hear action signified music again!

So I only intended to write a review of series one and leave series two at the few introductory notes that you see at the end of series one notes.

This review here was originally a postscript.  Until I realised that strictly speaking a scene I describe with a shotgun is actually in series two.  So rather pedantically: this postscript to series one was moved to series two review.

Plus I couldn’t resist writing more episode notes for series two. From Dusk Till Dawn was like that-one episode melted, excitingly, into the other.  Until you had swallowed up whole watchable chunks and bounced on. without even noticing barely: to Series two.

For me series two was a little less anarchically fun and escapist than series one.  At times series two teetered towards officially balancing themes.  Particularly/ especially in the story of the main female character.

Couldn’t we just have a gloriously wicked character for once: without a sympathetic back-story. I wondered.  I found her whole spiel a tiny bit tiresome and somewhat twenty first century transplanted backwards onto ancient- if that makes sense.

Still, you gotta love someone who can conjure up a matching red leather jacket to a certain similarly coloured Ducati motorbike..

From Dusk Till Dawn had as a drama, as did all the characters in it: lashings of verve, style and panache.  Along with buckets of ebullience, charm and bounce.

There were heroes that were anti-heroes.  But we still liked them.  There were almost mythical struggles against seemingly insurmountable odds.  By both the good guys and the bad.

Even though the bad men were sometimes good and the good were sometimes bad.  Heroes and anti-heroes as described.

All this was predicted of course, right back at the beginning by Earl, the all wise and all seeing saturnine lawman and mentor to Frederico. Who had the soul of a Ranger.  And was someone who would never quit.  Even at the place of bad roads..

I’m getting a The Good, The Bad, The Ugly feel to all this.  Like I said, Spaghetti Westerns, Cowboy films of every kind and the Godfather to boot.

Not to mention From Dusk Till Dawn was peppered with film references.  Me I even started wondering if snow globes was a clue to a film.  Whether even The Wizard Of Oz was included in the line:
“You’re a long way from Kansas” and maybe even Casablanca at the end.

Ritche makes reference to a film that young Kate does not realise at all.  Possibly before her time.

Yes, all this and more is contained in From Dusk Till Dawn.

I could ramble on even further but for me my very favourite part of From Dusk Till Dawn will always be the episodes mentioned in series one.  Where the brothers went on a quest, in the smoky orange night in a fast car.

When to all intents and purposes: they appeared to be in hell..


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