From Dusk Till Dawn-Series One. An American Supernatural Horror series on Netflix in the UK. A Netflix Original. Some short notes and dialogue on episodes: Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten with Review of Series One at the end and Short Notes on the start of Episode One-Series Two. Minor spoilers Only. This write-up follows on from From Dusk Till Dawn Episodes: Four, Five and Six notes and dialogue posted on 29th May 2016. The first posting on From Dusk till Dawn Episodes: One, Two and Three was posted on 26th May 2016. .

Saturday, 4 June 2016

From Dusk Till Dawn

Netflix description:
“Bank robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and hungry demons south of the border in this original series.

Series One.
Episodes Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten-random notes made in the order of watching the episodes:
Nb. These are just short notes. I did not note the different episode titles at the time of writing them

Episode Seven: Pandemonium.
Episode Eight: La Conquista.
Episode Nine: Boxman.
Episode Ten: The Take.

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.
Starting with Episode Seven.

Story by Robert Cruzman.
Guest starring-Gary Busey

So stick with From Dusk Till Dawn. I think it’s episode seven. now. But for me this is where the series really got interesting and went somewhere. You gotta love the Gecko brothers. I do.

“I want a podium, the national anthem..
” Angels singing..”

Go with God..”
“I’m cool if you’re cool..”

From around episode seven up to episode ten is where From Dusk Till Dawn just gets better and better.

“Before the day is dawn..
“Return us to the earth..”
(earth rumbles)

The sun is rising really fast.

Well Lordy lordy.

“Hell, if that don’t get me religion, I don’t know what will”.

“If you ever find that beach in blue Algarve..”
“Maybe I’ll come join you..”

And there is a prologue.

A faded sign:
Estado Unidos. United States I guess.

Hot air hangs like a dead man..
From a white oak tree..
People sitting on porches thinking how things used to be..
It’s a dark…night..

End of Series One.

Some short notes on the start of Episode One, Series Two.

“And now begins the ancient word..”
Ths sun sleeps below the sky..”
“And the world turns upside down”..

You may not want to watch the first episode when eating dinner.

Ritchie explains a movie: The Train.

It becomes clear later on exactly what happened to the guy when it was too awful to observe.

Who-I cannot say:
“This isn’t so bad..”
“Those idiots..
“All you need is an umbrella!”
Ha ha ha.

From Dusk Till Dawn-A Review of Series One.

The dialogue of From Dusk Till Dawn is sparkling and witty at times. Refreshingly naturalistic. Gleefully free of the usual political correctness and subversively embedded right-on propaganda. In pretty much everything these days. A story in fact. Like dramas used to be.

Yes, you have to stray some off the beaten path of mainstream drama it seems: to escape all of the above.

I never would have watched series like Hemlock Grove or From Dusk Till Dawn at one time. Now I am choosing them regardless of their subject matter really: just on the basis of being supernatural fantasy. I guess. And Netflix Originals. Just to escape TV.

Although of course TV ain’t all bad. Like Bates Motel for example. You just get less patient with the Ads. But I digress.

From Dusk Till Dawn is a rip roaring yarn. In the style of a Boy’s Own Adventure story or a classic B-movie from times gone by.

Certainly the drama is both of cinematic beauty and action writ large. It could easily translate to a cinema screen . It is a wonderful creation, a masterly work. From Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez plus Robert Kurtzman.

Every scene is a stunning set piece. Intricately and exquisitely created in it’s colouration, awash with painterly perfection. The action sequences are likewise amazingly intricate and intense with high voltage electrically crackling speed.

Indeed From dusk till Dawn is so masterful a creation from all involved it almost repels all writing about it. If that makes sense. sometimes nearly perfect dramas so. They just resist description. Like waterproof raincoats with raindrops.
What I would say is don’t give up on From Dusk till Dawn thinking it is a story of just what it seems at the beginning.

Because the drama is a lot more than this early story-line. As well as being bigger in scope than the original film. Well it had to be, since it carried on after the official denouement. Of the film. Whilst keeping pretty faithfully to what happens in the original. Just with extra added spice and many more story-lines.

Myself, while I enjoyed the story of the Fuller family and their interesting characters: I was more interested and enthralled with the quartet of men. The Gecko brothers, Frederico and the almost mythical silently saturnine-Earl.

They were the main characters around which the story revolved. Or hung. Frederico’s relationship with Earl and the Gecko’s relationship with each other as brothers. Which I will not give away other than to say that this was probably my favourite part of the series.

Along with Frederico’s ongoing travails, discoveries and equally troublesome and dangerous quest or journey: along the way.

Oh and lets’s not forget the Professor: a brilliantly acted character and part. Who was often in danger of stealing the show. Such was the quality and finesse of his performance. He almost seemed to be hamming it up in his acting. Whilst bringing a nearly comical old fashioned horror-hammer touch to the show. Think- I dunno-Vincent Price (as Dracula) made modern with no cloak.

These touches of humour along the way were a welcome relief from the gore and the increasingly claustrophobically ickily evil suspense. Not that I take gore seriously any more. OK some scenes were somewhat more than horrific. Imaginative even in their violence.

However one part of my mind can appreciate the very creativity of such scenes. Tarantino and Rodriguez sure had fun riffing on every aspect of this particular horror genre. Didn’t they..

I think it’s fairly clear that the makers of this series love films. Indeed they live, breathe and sleep films. They eat films for breakfast in fact.

From Dusk till Dawn is very Godfatherish. Plus every kind of Western film known to man. And Spaghetti Westerns too.

The characters often deliver little homilies to their victims, or challengers. Just like the guys in the Godfather do. Strange but poetically distracting stories that sound nonsensical to relate.

Often these preambles are parables, a lesson to the listener. With a more than proverbial punch-line. Because it often lulls the listener into a quietude. Hey, perhaps they are not going to die. After all..Wrong.

These speeches given by various bad guys are fairly Shakespearean in nature. Sometimes the listener is forced to listen for what seems like far too long. As the story rambles on.

This spectacle: of the bored but unctuously, nay surprisingly patient and polite other bad guy- is often amazing to observe and behold.

Perhaps all good drama surely has aspects of Shakespearean plays written all over it.

To be continued.
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