From Dusk Till Dawn. A Netflix Original. An American Horror Series. Some notes and dialogue from episodes: Four, Five and Six. Minor spoilers only.

Sunday, 29 May 2016
From Dusk Till Dawn.
Netflix description:
“Bank robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and hungry demons south of the border in this original series.

Series One.
Episode Four:
“Let’s Get Ramblin.”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Radio Voice: (you think at first)
“The road is long, the path uncertain”..
“For so many of us, the journey is one of solitude..”
“Some of us travel this journey alone..”
“Some of us will have angels..”

“I should have listened to Eddie.”
“Guys like us are always talking about getting out”..
“Living in paradise”..
“We talk about it all day long..”
“But we never do it.”

The young girl in the Winnebago to her brother:
“The nearest place is called the Dew Drop Inn..”
“Sounds cute, we’ll stop there”.

So the family in the Winnebago is called the Fuller family.

Nb. Screenplay by Tarantino.

Frederico is on a mission.
Frederico to his Boss:
“By the hand of God, I promised Earl I’m gonna get these bastards”

Richard to the (Fuller family) father :
“You know I love actors, I study them..
“McQueen, Pacino, Brandon.. ”
“I love ’em”.

Richard to the girl:
“I saw you floating in the pool, you looked like you were bleeding..”
Girl to Richard:
“My name is Kate”.

So it’s a flashback to Frederico and Earl.
I do love a man in a cowboy hat.
Frederico has a white one.
Earl has one with a jewelled band around it.
(I wonder if the colours mean anything)

Weird shit is happening to Frederico now.
And it’s all to do with you know what..

Sheriff to Frederico:
“My man spotted him..”
“Then this tall drink of water showed up..”

Richard: (to the Fuller family)
“Everyone should have their hero button switched off”..
“Simple as Sesame Street”.

Richard to Seth:
“I’m tuned into something and it’s showing me the way..”

Did I mention that Earl is a dead-shot. Frederico and Earl are Rangers.

Earl to Fredrico:
“You ain’t gonna quit..”
“‘Cause you got the soul of a Ranger”..
“The last line of defence between chaos and order”.

C’mon Frederico, Earl is right.

This is a brilliant scene set-up. I’m not surprised to find out that Tarantino did the screenplay.

Now Fredrico is being bothered. It’s all a bit (the series) Hemlock Grove. With knobs on.

This shit is unreal.

Seth to Richard:
“Did I call it or did I call it?”
“You called it.”
“Are we back brother?”
“We’re back!”

So From Dusk Till Dawn is based on the film by Robert Rodriguez.


Episode Five:
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Monica Geller the bank teller”..
Another flashback..

Seth to Richard:
“Hey Ritchie, park it somewhere, relax, it’s plain sailing from here”.

Carlos to Seth:
“You got an el rinche on your tail”
“An el rinche is like a rabid dog..”
“He won’t stop”.

Earl to Frederico:
“Never go against another Ranger..”

The flashback continues..
Jacob Fuller:
“The Lord will show us the way..”

Richard to Seth:
“You got your balls screwed on?”
“Screwed on tight..”
“Old Testament!”

So the Rangers are seperate from the Police, or Sheriffs as they are called. The Sheriffs don’t like the Rangers.

Oh no. Some freaky deaky shit going down now..

Frederico to Captain Holbrook:
“Good Detective work..”

Frederico has really upped his game. He is the original Lone Ranger.

Seth to Richard:
“How you feeling brother?”
“Never better..”


Episode Six:
“Place Of Dead Roads.”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

A bit unclear what’s going on here.

I never noticed before the similarity between a snake’s fangs and a vampire..

But there is never a dull moment with Tarantino. I guarantee.

Ritchie to Seth:
“We made it brother, welcome to paradise..”

So not quite the paradise Seth was describing so eloquently a few episodes back.

Nb. Never a good sign in a bar when the bartender is distinctly unfriendly..

Ahah. Here comes Frederico. Walking in the desert. Having hallucinations. Or is he.

So it depends on whether you have seen the original film as to whether you have an idea of what’s gonna happen in the bar..

Seth to Richard:
“I don’t like the way the bar is looking at me..”

Seth to Mr. Fuller:
“C’mon, we’re a band of brothers”..
“Like Omar Sharif in the desert”.
Mr Fuller:
“As I recall, Omar Sharif killed a man for drinking out of the wrong well!”

Thing is I’m wondering how there can be another season if this is the denouement.

Seth drinks a toast with the family.
“It’s like angels pissing on my heart”.

Earl and Frederico.
“People need to know there ain’t no rinches, only Rangers.”
” Sometimes even the worst kind of brutality has its place.”
“What place is that?”
“The place of dead roads..”
“Last stop before hell..”

Seth to a guy:
“I didn’t break you nose did I?”
“Well I’m gonna have to break the rest of your face!”

A man to Seth:
“You’re a long way from Kansas, Mister Gecko”..

OMG. Told you.
Things just got very gory.

And Frederico gets on a multicoloured motorbike.

To be continued.
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