Easy Living-A Netflix Series. My first ten to twenty minutes of watching-A Potted Review. Minor Spoilers Only. On in The UK on Netflix. In Finnish with English subtitles.

Saturday, 18 June 2016
Easy Living.
I really wanted to like this series. It seemed like an obscure find on Netflix. Interesting looking.

Although for some reason I had assumed the man in the picture was American. But no, all the characters are: Icelandic maybe? I confess I do not know really know for sure. I will have to check.

I know- I think I I know what Swedish sounds like now?! Perhaps I do.

But who am I fooling. My head is probably a bit big. That last, slightly nonsensical sentence I wrote- is the kind of flat, nearly lyrical (but not quite) phrases uttered by the characters. I swear.

So far the whole feel of the dialogue and the drama extremely minimalistic. So is the scenery . We see little outside. Just that it (the outside) is snowy.

Most of the drama hinges on the characters’ dialogue and their so far, fairly slow and measured movements throughout the day. Or rather morning. To begin this. We as the viewer watch them engage upon all their morning activities and beyond.

We slowly realise that the husband and outwardly perfect looking man but privately- scathingly sarcastic at home: well we slowly realise that he is a crook.

It is unclear if these short sharp, sentences, quiet emotional and forceful dialogue is just a reflection of the characters’ customary social interaction with one another.

This way of highly polite but piss taking (often) sort of verbal interchanges is interesting to observe. This is just their way of going on with each other. Like they might say up North.

Me, I was convinced Easy living was set in Iceland. Because the language just sounded so unusual. Plus there was very little other detail. So far.

Not a lot really happens. People don’t speak a lot but when they do it is pithy and to the point. We see a very cold and windswept school: as sort of pyramid in concrete. The landscape is bleak.

I didn’t really get into Easy Living although it could well be one of those series that slowly grows on you. Over time.

The drama was just so quiet and slow moving. Could be it was some kind of semi-magical meta art. Or not.


For all I know this language could be a dialect of Swedish, from another part, Up North. Or South. Or even Finland.

Later Footnote.
So Easy Living is in Finnish.


It may be that I assumed that the main character was American because Easy Living has a kind of old-fashioned/ Old School American sit-com feel. That truly deadpan delivery. From the characters.


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