Dramaworld-Series One. An American Fantasy drama on Netflix. In English and Korean. With English subtitles. Some notes and dialogue on episodes: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven and Eight. With a A short One-off Review at the end.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016
Netflix Description:
“A huge fan of Korean Drama is transported to a magical realm where she has the power to alter her favourite show’s story-line as a Facilitator”. 2016.

Nb. I did not note down the seperate episode titles of episodes: two and six. All episode notes were made in the chronological order of watching the episodes.


Series One.
Episodes One and Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Young man to Claire:
“Rule number one of K /Korean Drama..”

Young woman, Seo Yeon and her friend.
“I brought you hot chocolate”
“Ah, thanks”. Smiles goofily.
“You look happy today!
Then he stares at her, fixedly. . (he is in love)

Young man, Seth, to Claire:
“Rule/ Law number one of a K / Korean drama..
“The drama ends with true love’s kiss”.
“A true love’s kiss is defined as the kiss between the leading lady and the leading man”.
He continues:
“Law number two..”
“The leading man must always embody: confidence, arrogance, handsomeness.”
“But always with the leading ladies interest at heart.”
“Rule number three, the leading man must take a hot steamy shower!”

“What is rule number four”?”
“If, by the end of the show…”

C’mon Claire.

“Dramaworld needs you!”.

Claire to the hero:
“You speak English?”

“Rule number three..”
“Don’t watch the drama”
“No matter what, you can’t let yourself be part of the story line-trust me!..”

So I love Dramaworld. Each episode you realise is shot like an actual episode of the Korean Television Drama.

So Dramaworld is like a Korean TV drama too!


Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Ha ha ha. They just had a flashback.


I think this is episode three now.

Sighs heavily.
(sighs heavily) appears a lot in brackets.

Ha ha ha. A freeze frame. Think it’s the end of episode three. Lovely sort of soap opera music plays. With singing in Korean.


Episode four.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So I just love this series more.
(sighs deeply)

Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.
That sounds great.

You just know that Claire is going to break that law.

Yes. Claire is going to break some of the rules.

Oh no. Ha ha.
(ominous music)…


Episodes Five and Six.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I can’t stop watching this show.

Joon Park to himself in the car:
My ego..”
“I don’t even have an ego!”

Ha ha ha. There are slow moments when people just stare at each other like in a real soap opera.

(impending music)
(dramatic music) ha ha ha.

Claire to herself:
“My leaving is for the best..”

So I’m up to episode seven now. This was episode six.

Episode Seven.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Did I mention that the episode titles are displayed on screen at the beginning of each episode.
So things get melodramatic there.

Ah Ha. So what is Park Joon writing on the window..

Joon to Claire:
“Today has been the longest day of my life and I only worked for three hours!”.

Claire to Joon :
“Everything I do is so that you can be happy..”
(terrifying music) Ha ha.

Seth to Ga-in:
“See you in the next series..”

At the end of each episode we have a flashback photo-casebook style. Of what happened in the episode.
Episode Eight.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Now we have a Korean music video.

The drama is too much fun to write about. Gotta go.

I have to find this music.

Episode Nine.

Episode Nine is in metal. Curved. In a beautiful font, on the wall.


End of episode notes.



Well I loved Dramaworld. Yet reviewing it in words seems redundant. It speaks for itself.

Fresh, funny, different, frothy fun. Frothy as in bubbles. Beautifully staged and created. In intricate detail. For our delectation and delight.

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