Dear readers-this site is not fully functioning yet but will be soon. This is the new site of It represents all my published work from first starting my Google Blog in 2011.

The above link is my first, original blog address.


This WordPress Site is my new blog which I have set up in order to formally publish my written work.

I write about TV and Netflix drama available in the UK to watch.

So dramas both on UK TV cable channels (my cable channels come from Virgin Media TV) and UK TV Channels such as:

BBC One and Two (BBC Three went online and is no longer on a TV Channel) Also BBC Four, Sky1/ One and ITV Channel number Three for example.

Plus Netflix in the UK.


Nb. Soon I will be officially transferring from the google blog to my WordPress site: (as above)

Clarissima-a day in the life of a tv watcher and will be posting here only.

I first started my Google blog in 2009: As below.

thursday, 18 june 2009
testing, testing, one two three testing…………………………………………………..
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