Daredevil Series Two-some notes and dialogue on episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. Review to follow. Minor Spoilers Only. On Netflix in the UK. Daredevil Series Two

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Daredevil Series Two-some notes and dialogue on episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six.
Daredevil Series Two.


Daredevil Series Two-Netflix Description:
“A boyhood accident blinded him. But now he can “See” even better. And he doesn’t like what’s going on in Hell’s Kitchen”.

Episodes One to Six.
Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The prologue is a quick re-cap of Series One. You can skip it. But I wanna watch it.

Matt Murdock:
(as a Lawyer)
“Sometimes the line between good and evil, get blurred”..

So I love Daredevil. I thought series one was brilliant. Probably my two favourite heroes of all time are Daredevil and Vassily.

Ah I forgot about Fisk. Robert Coren . Brilliant stuff.

Series Two begins.
News station on the radio tells the weather..
Voices from all over the city trail into the night.

Until-gunshots .

Things are looking mighty bad for a young Cop. Until-Kerpow (we hear) from the dark alley.

Daredevil to frightened man in his car:
“Call 911.”

Now we’re in a church.
So who shot who.

The shot pans up from outside in the street. Up towards a cross of pink and white. A Pharmacy sign. Then we see Daredevil standing on the top of the roof, right on the edge of the wall. Grinning. Dressed all in red. Grinning quite evilly really..

Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock walk to work together. To Nelson and Murdock, Lawyers Office.

Matt to Foggy:
“Guess what, it never happened..”
“Instead he wok up in a hospital bed with a restraining order stuck to his chest..”

Beautiful Karen Page the receptionist to Matt and Foggy:
“We’re broke”.

Matt is such a nice lawyer he says thing like: (to his client)
“Let’s see if we can find you a better way to live in Hell’s Kitchen..”

We are introduced to the baddies/ bad guys. They are pretty scary. I get the feeling something bad is about to happen.
Blimey. Brutal..

Do this series is more graphically violent. Than one was.

Matt, Miss Page and Foggy are playing pool.
So it’s fairly obvious who is in love with who.

Irishman to Matt, Foggy and Karen Page:
Foggy to Grotto:
“What do you go by?”
“Just Grotto..”
“Word is, Melson and Murdock put their faith in people”.

Policeman on the (crime) scene:
“Sheeesh, even when I think I’ve seen it all in Hell’s Kitchen..”
“It rises up and kicks me in the balls”
“And where’s that asshole’s hand?”

Matt and Foggy meet with the policeman-Seargent Brett.
Officer Brett to Matt:
“We don’t know who they are”
“We just know who they’re not.”

Grotto to Karen:
“OK doll..”

Bad guy to Daredevil:
“Nice duds..”

Turk and Daredevil.

Daredevil is quite a moody superhero.

Ugh. This scene is looking dark.

Foggy and the biker from The Dogs Of Hell.
Biker from The Dogs Of Hell:
“You’ve got guts Harvard, I’ll give you that”..
“Columbia actually and it’s not guts it’s adrenaline”.
Foggy is brave though.

Man to the Daredevil:
“I always thought the devil would come for me but I didn’t know he’d look like that.”
Daredevil to man:
“Who did this?”
“Not they, him.”

C’mon Daredevil..
Daredevil is looking like he could use some back-up.

Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So this episode is going to be Foggy and Karen’s chance to shine.

District Attorney / D.A.’s Assistant to Foggy:
“We even got a name for him”
“What: dumbass with a gun?”!
“No, The Punisher..”

As always Daredevil delves deeply into relationships: the three friends Foggy, Matt and Karen-plus the background of the official baddie. Like with Vassily in Series One. I like that. Bad guys or guys generally are always/ usually so superficially portrayed.

Nb. I do think that Irishmen must be the most stereotyped group on TV. In their dramatic portrayal. Myself I experienced a dramatic disconnect.

I think I need to get my baseball hat for Daredevil. I’m raising it to the Walking Dead level. Love both dramas. But defo/ definitely baseball hat is needed now for Daredevil as well as The Walking Dead.

The Punisher:
“One batch, two batch..”
“Penny and dime..”

Episode Three
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Got a bit bored in episode three. Or maybe two episodes was enough. I felt like it was getting a bit moralising maybe.


Episode Four:
“Penny and Dime”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Matt Murdock and the Priest.
The Priest to Matt:
“The best of our Saints..”
“Guilt is the soul’s call to action..”
“To make amends..”
A mini-confession.

Karen has found an X-ray of a skull.

I really have seen enough self-stitching now.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson at Murdock and Nelson Law firm
Foggy to Karen:
“You think a murdering psychopath isn’t the worst of it?!”
(he sighs)
Matt to Karen:
“You are…compassionate”
“The stuff of Saints..”

I like Melvin, he reminds me of Freddie Mercury.
Melvin to Matt:
“Fortified carbon fibre helmet.”
“I threw in some reinforced alloy gloves.”
“But be careful..”
“Some new people spilling a lotta blood out there.”

Then we find out..

Nurse to Karen:
“Within ten minutes of waking up..”
“He grabbed my scrubs and said, real close..”
“Take me home!”

Ah. Poor Punisher: you can’t help liking him.
But then Daredevil always explains the baddie’s side.

Seargent Brett to Daredevil:
“Because of you Policemen don’t mean dick anymore!”

Finn to The Punisher:
“Generosity isn’t my defining trait..”

Daredevil has some dreadful punishments of his own.

I am liking the story of Daredevil and Punisher.

Oh my good God. I said this series was more violent.
It is. Horribly violent, in parts.

Meanwhile Karen is on a mission.

Thank goodness. ‘Cause here comes Daredevil.

The Punisher to Daredevil:
“Hey, not bad..”
“Guess I was wrong about you being a pussy.”
“Don’t go all soft on me now”.
“I think I might be too!””
“You gotta cross the ocean, and not be scared..”
The Punisher continues:
“I kept thinking God was gonna pull the rug out from under us, freaky shit right?”
“….She looked like a flower..”
“How does something that beautiful..”
“I’m the worst of all, a rubber faced clown..”
“I was just, tired, you know?”
“You ever been tired Red?”

Sergeant Brett to Daredevil:
“I don’t know who you are..”
“But it ain’t him.”
(thunder rumbles)

Atmospheric uplifting music plays.

At the end.
Karen Page to Daredevil:
“It’s just days like today,”
“Remind me just how precious life is.”
“Careful Matt, if you keep going like this, you might just end up happy.”
“That would be terrible for a good Catholic boy!”

Karen to Daredevil: (stands in the rain)
“Do you mind the rain?”
“Then I’ll walk you home.”

Daredevil’s glasses are getting wet.
He somehow watches as a raindrop falls on her arm.

Episode Five.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson are in a flashback to their College.
Matt to a waiter:
“Are you going to throw us out?”
“It depends, are you pompous jackasses?”
“Well we’re not pompous.”

Beautiful woman at the bar to security guy:
“He’s with me”.

Back to the present day. The same beautiful woman.

Nelson and Murdock Law offices.
Karen Page and Matt Murdock is all a bit (the old series) Moonlighting.

I love the colours in the film of the story of Matt, Foggy and Karen.

Back to the flashback.
Matt to Elektra:
“Despite your artisan tequila..”
Lovely Lamborghini. Red. She really shouldn’t rev it like that.

Foggy does his thing: to Reye’s assistant.
“Show me a subpoena and I’ll roll like a motherfucker..”

Matt to Elektra: at Fogwell Gym.
“I come here to smell the sweat and hear the chains..”

Matt to Elektra:
“I thought you had ballet lesson”
“In the winters, after my Master Capoeira had gone back to Angola..”

Car horn honking. (at the end of a somewhat steamy but daft scene) Honk. Honk. Ha. ha.

Back to the present day. Matt is continuing his mission..

Foggy to the bartender lady: looking at the olive in the Martini.
“Why is it grey?”
“One of life’s mysteries..”

Matt to Elektra on the phone:
“Go to hell!”

Back to the flashback. (which is all a bit tiresome really)
Matt to Elektra:
“Is it good, all this?”
“But I’d/ I would trade it all in for a lifetime of smelling your skin..

Karen Page to Matt Murdock: (in the Indian restaurant)
“”My favourite part is the ceiling, it’s literally dripping with thousands of lights..”
“Shaped like chili peppers.”

Matt to Karen:
“I have this incredible ability to bring disorder into the most perfect life..”

More romantic slushy stuff.
Me I keep thinking Karen is way too happy. So is she gonna die.

Back to the flashback.
(thunder rumbles lightly)
Ugh: is Daredevil about to get horrifically violent again. Probably. Yep. The whole glass throwing thing was a bit of a warning I felt.

Elektra to Matt:
“I thought you understood me?”
“I thought I did..”
Elektra to Matt:
“There was always this glorious darkness inside you”..


Episode six.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Nice bikes. Zooming down the road. All Ducatis. Red and Yellow. More revving.

End of episode notes.


The District Attorney is called Reye.

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