Bloodline Series Two-An American Mystery drama. A Netflix Original. Some notes and dialogue on Episodes: One, Two and Three only with First Review at the end on episodes: One through to an including Episode Six. Nb. These episode numbers refer to the number of the episode in Series two. Minor spoilers Only. However possibly spoilery if you have not seen series one. I am dedicating this write-up to the French and the Americans- in most recent chronological order of events.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Bloodline Series Two.
Netflix Description of Series Two of Bloodline:
“How far will the Rayburns go to guard the secrets that lurk in their family? Farther than they ever dared imagine”.


Nb. Please note that I have given the episode numbers here their number for Series Two. The episode titles reflect the episode number overall, consecutively, in Series One and Two.

Series Two
Episode One.
“Part 14”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

After the re-cap (of what happened last series)

Then episode one starts-
A song:

Young man goes out, looking for..
The diamond in the sea..
Old man rows his boat ashore..
And falls on twisted knee..”
And you’ll drown before the water lets you in..
And you’ll drown before the water lets you in.

Great font for the title.

As always. Fantasmarogical colours and scene settings. That blue green again. And a moon high in the sky.

John is driving at night. He pulls up and waits for a bus. Watching the people get off. Meets nobody. What is he doing?
Reliving memories perhaps.

John’s eyes are on stalks. Like he’s on something.
Or in shock.

Me I forgot all of that stuff happened. In the re-cap.

And now Danny’s son Nolan is here.

Back to the house on stilts in the forest. That John lives in.

Here’s/ is Kevin. Doing something shady looking. What is he up to?..

Here’s the local bad guy. But it appears there is an even badder guy than him.

Now here is the investigation.

Here’s Meg. In her New York City job as a lawyer.

Ahah, here’s the young Detective. I remember thinking that he was way ahead of the game . In series One..

Flashback time for Eric O Bannon..and we see Danny make a tape. In my favourite scene in bloodline. All washed in the car. In a tropical rain shower.

Now it’s Sally and the brilliant Detective Inspector Pottts. (Retired)

So Sally knows a lot more than we knew.

The guy from Batman (Gotham) is the Sheriff. The bad guy from Batman. Great Stuff. Does he really have a lisp or does he put it on?

Nolan to John:
“I just wanted to know who the Rayburns are..”
“Whether they’re really real.”
“Or just another lie my Dad told me”.

So we’re wondering just how much Danny’s son, Nolan knows..

Kevin is proper spaced out. Like an old/ older man. In shock.

Kevin to his wife:
“I fucked up..”
” I’m in so much shit..”
He stares, in horror into space.

The moon in the sky again. With palm trees fronds in the moonlight.

Detective Inspector Potts meets Millie, John’s wife. Detective Inspector Potts Retired is brilliant.

Millie to John:
“Did you know Larry Potts was staying here?”
“No, I didn’t.”
Looking spooked.
“Yes, he can’t seem to get enough of the place.”

John keeps talking to Meg and updating her on the case on the phone.

Meg proceeds to get exceedingly drunk at a client’s dinner.

We find out what Kevin is up to.

Oh yes, the family didn’t realise that Sally knows a lot.

Sally lays down some of her cards on the table. To John.
John to his mother Sally:
“The people Danny was involved with are bad people..”
“It just doesn’t end well..”

Kevin talks to himself in the mirror.

Marco is the name of the young Detective. Like I said, it’s unclear whether Marco is screwing with the family. Or not. How much he knows..

Kevin to Marco:
“Don’t you have forensic guys for this shit?”

Kevin’s/ is snoofing something unspecified.

John is reminding me of Danny. Not sure now who is the good and or the evil one. It was like that all along. In series one.

So the plot doth thicken. For several characters.

Episode Two-
“Part 15”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So things are getting interesting-er. And interestinger.

So it really is pills that Kevin is snoofing.

Guy on the boat to Kevin:”Damn, Frosty, that is good!”

There are many different story-lines. and strands.

John to Detective Inspector Potts (Retired):
“How long you gonna stay?”
Inspector Potts:
“Just as long as it takes to catch a big one..”

And John lays his cards on the table. Too early.

So Kevin gets his game on.
Episode Three-
“Part 16”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So a lot later. An unholy lot has been happening.

Detective Inspector Potts (Retired) to Sally:
“I’ve worked a lot of cases and I know it doesn’t always end well”.
“There isn’t always light at the end of the tunnel..”


End of episode notes.

Nb. Didn’t do episode notes for Four, Five and Six.
First Review: of episodes One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six in Series Two.

So I stopped writing episode notes early into episode three. Because Bloodline doesn’t really lend itself to notes. I wasn’t feeling that notes vibe. Plus writing series two is always veering on spoilery. In my opinion.

I will note that the Bloodline title in evidence at the top left hand corner in many of the scenes was minorly annoying. Why? I mean why was it there? Perhaps this was only evident during the seascape scenery. Due to the pale light blue of the background. Who knows. Not me.

Mainly I want to focus on the drama as it requires some concentrated attention. As in following all the shenanigans and machinations of the main characters and simultaneously trying to remember exactly who did what in series one.

Plus where and when. And so on.

Bloodline Series two is a fascinating puzzle. A classic mystery tale. Like a modern Agatha Christie story.

A puzzle, a story, a mystery: like Agatha Christie met high intensity Hitchcock. Played out in the heat and the tropical rain. Slowly, unobtrusively and subtly.


To be continued.

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