Bloodline-Series Two. An American mystery drama. A Netflix Original. My Final Review of Series Two. This review is of Episodes Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten. Minor spoilers only.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bloodline-Series Two.
Netflix Description of Series Two of Bloodline:
“How far will the Rayburns go to guard the secrets that lurk in their family? Farther than they ever dared imagine”.
Nb. The Episode titles in Series Two reflect their consecutive number overall in the two series.

The episode numbers I have used here here are for Series Two only.

Series Two.-Review of episodes: seven, eight, nine and ten.

So Bloodline, Bloodline, Bloodline, Just what are we to do? With you. I can’t help feeling that the ending-whilst dramatic: was a bit of a damp squib. See what you think. I should probably say no more.

Even though damp Squibb is deliberately obtuse: the term is not vague. By the way- not squid if you’ll pardon the pun. I guess I’m getting that whole Bayous and Florida Keys vibe. Not that they have squid down there come to think of it. Lobster and Crawfish more like.

So having escaped from the whole squib or squid pun which nearly made metaphor: I contemplate this series and the watching of it. I fairly zoomed through series two. Lapping it up in great big helpings: of episodes.

I was going to say chunks but then realised that you can’t lap up chunks. But I digress. I wish I’d/ had never gone on this metaphor kick now. ‘Cause I’m not sure that you can lap up helpings either. Oh well.

Thing is-as I drank in (metaphorically) the sun and sea drenched beauty of Bloodline: I found myself thinking of a slow moving culture. Under a slide. Taken from a petri-dish. (in the laboratory). That slide is now being viewed, via microscope, by us, the viewer..

Bloodline the series with all its inhabitants, moving about if you like and interacting with each other: well they are the bacteria. The drama is the microbiological culture in which the bacteria lives.

We are peering through the Electron Microscope. Bear with me, I’m really stuck in metaphor land now: such is the intensity of study of the story.

Thing is, as fascinating and suspenseful as Bloodline was: toward the end the drama became a tiny bit tiresome. Just a leetle bit boring. And as I watched John Rayburn’s face throughout become more hang-dog and generally haggard in appearance: I was reminded of Deputy Dawg! The cartoon character.

Once John started to look a bit like Deputy Dawg, I started not being able to take him quiet so seriously. Deputy Dawwg, I silently repeated to myself. Wondering whether it was OK to say or write Deputy Dawg- these days. Hope so.

‘Cause Deputy Dawg was a Sheriff too I seem to remember. And he too, had a hangdog face. Maybe that was because he was some kind of Hound Dog himself. But I digress.

Yes, John became a little bit funny in this reminiscent way. He looked like Deputy Dawg. With his hang dog expression. Or face. Not much happened with Deputy Dawg that I remember, other than people and picnic baskets got lost a lot: in Yellowstone Park.

So things got so pear-shaped in nature for John and his siblings: they ended up in just one big bowl of pears. And the bowl was pear-shaped too. I’m announcing this now as terrible metaphor city.

Yep. Things just went from bad to worse for John and Company. Mind you, compared to his wife, Millie, he was practically Snow White. Or Jesus.

I must have been watching too much supernatural fantasy lately: but I kept half expecting Millie’s deep brown eyes to fill to liquid black. Then some transformation would or might happen. Like I said. This has been happening in previous series I’ve been watching as described.

Bloodline series two was exciting, intense and excellent. With wonderful engagingly interesting performances all round. Well the acting must have been good because really all we see is sun, sea and scenery. Plus the lives of a handful of people. Well. Less than ten.

Not really a huge amount of action happens. We don’t notice. Because the drama is all about unspoken and remembered things. On the part of the characters and the the viewers too. Trying to remember exactly who did what and when. Before. In the last series. Plus this one.

We also follow the unspoken inner lives of the characters. Just by reading what is somehow written on their faces. And perhaps we may see the occasional flashback. Along the way. Often we are watching what that particular character is remembering.

Like I said somewhere: the drama/ Bloodline is one great big puzzle..

Me, I’m just hoping for a series three. Surely this ending cannot be it? As in the end. No- I’ve invested all that time-pleasant as as watching was. I expected a bigger payoff, dramatically speaking, than this.

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