Bitten. Series One. A Canadian Supernatural series. Instalment Number Five-The Hunt and the Heinous Happening. This is my Fifth and Final instalment in a set of instalments based on Episodes One and Two. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK on SyFy Channel.Nb. This instalment follows on directly from numbers Four, Three, Two and One posted on: 7th July and the 29th, 25th and 21st June 2016 respectively.

Wednesday, 13th July 2016.

Bitten Series One- Series TV Description:
“Catch up with Syfy’s howling new drama Bitten and follow the dangerous struggle of the world’s only female Werewolf”.

Nb. Bitten is based on “Women of The Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong.


Episode One.
TV Description:
Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, is summoned home from her city life after an unsanctioned werewolf attack on a human”.

Rated 15 “Contains Adult themes”.

Episode Two.
TV Description:
“Elena arrives at Stonehaven where her past catches up with her. Human boyfriend Phillip meets Logan; will he learn too much?”.
Series One.
Instalment Number Five-The final instalment.

The Hunt and the Heinous Happening.
In which the Stonehaven werewolf pack plan the hunt. The Mutt’s trail is followed to its source.

An earlier event results in a heinous happening and a gruesome discovery..


The Hunt and the Heinous Happening.

So Bitten became mildly interesting when the Stonehaven werewolf pack meet at Elena’s Police suspect investigation style pin board down in the basement. Of the previously described lavishly appointed Stonehaven mansion. Then, they make their plans for tracking and hunting one of the suspected Mutts.

Suspected Mutts-funny eh..Bitten is kind of like that. Kind of quaintly funny- in an archaic way. Or is it anarchic-way. Like a Tele/TV movie set in the 1990’s. Like I said.

One of those series that could become a cult series. Because it falls into the category of so bad it’s good. Yes- the so bad it’s good genre. I just made it up. But I like it.

Still, to get back to the story so far:this werewolf pack plan involves Elena and the two werewolf guys: Clay and Nick to track the latest sighting of said suspected Mutt. The men may or may not kill it, it seems they plan to. However Elena disagrees..

It’s not quite clear why the werewolf pack don’t just leave the matter to resolve itself. Since the local town and ever-evil eponymous hick hunters (so beloved of dramas) are all clamouring to kill the Mutt. ie. bad werewolf.

Perhaps if killed the Mutt would change back to human and the pack don’t want their secret getting out. Who knows. Who cares.

One of the characters in Bitten might have explained it all. They probably did. The main guy (Jeremy Danvers) most likely. I dunno.

I wasn’t really listening. Properly. Throughout. Being transfixed at the woeful wooden-ness of Elena and the mostly Stepford but wolfishly handsome werewolves. OK except for the roadie and the Italian guy/ werewolf.

I did wonder if that was really Elena doing the roll-overs in the martial arts fighting. Her face was handily hidden by hair. Elena does look strong enough-and we have already seen her go all Kung Fu on a guy in a cafe.

That was when Elena had her black jacket on. With fringe. But still..
That was when I knew that previously perfectly polished Elena: was going to go all rogue.

The fun I was having watching Bitten was sadly truncated somewhat: by the end of the last episode I watched. No longer can I make fun of Bitten: cause now it’s gone all daylight realistically serious.

The thing is: as viewers we know. Who did it. well who the Mutt is. Well I think we do..


Oh Yes and all I really wanted to know as will most watcher of Bitten would: exactly how, when and where. Even why- did Elena originally get bitten?

I mean C’mon. Are you gonna tell us or are you gonna drag it out. Dear drama. By means of those tiresomely soft focus and cringeworthy flashbacks..


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