Bitten-Series One. A Canadian Supernatural Drama series. Instalment one-Elena- is the first of a set of My Reviews or Instalments on episodes One and Two only of Bitten. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on SyFy Channel.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Bitten-Series One. 

TV Description:
“New Show on Syfy-first aired on Thursday 19th May 2016”.

Series TV Description:
“Catch up with Syfy’s howling new drama Bitten and follow the dangerous struggle of the world’s only female Werewolf”.
Elena Michaels.
2014. (so not really new then?)

Episode One.
TV Description:
Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, is summoned home from her city life after an unsanctioned werewolf attack on a human”.

Rated 15 “Contains Adult themes”.

Episode Two.
TV Description:
“Elena arrives at Stonehaven where her past catches up with here. Human boyfriend Phillip meets Logan; will he learn too much?”.

Nb. I am only reviewing the first two episodes of Bitten in these instalments.


My Review.
Instalment One/ 1.
Elena lives in in the city. Hiding her urge for hamburgers and finding that the call of the wild is hard to shake off. How much longer can she keep her two lives apart?


So Bitten is stylish yet corny and stereotypical. Already the eponymous professor (who is of course extremely handsome) who is obviously a you-know-what has said to his class:
“We’re all animals, really…”.

Oh yes, the eponymous heroine (Elena) is a photographer. Of course she is.

There is the usual eponymous hunter and likewise psychologist.

Then there is the equally eponymous piercingly eyed and ever so handsome mysterious landowner.. Whose estate and presumably mansion is where the unfortunate incident took place.

So we are not quite sure if the annoyingly extension-locked heroine did the deed or not. I mean, she was overcome with the the urge.. And had to go on a sort of doggy run in the forest. Well we think it was her. We’re not sure.

Me, I’m so used to the whole supernatural vampire gore now I was immediately checking her reformed human mouth for gore. But no.

Mind you Elena is super prissy. For all I know she takes napkins on her werewolf runs.

I say prissy because Elena has previously been really embarrassed at scoffing hamburgers and kebabs on sticks. So hides them whenever she sees her boyfriend coming.

Presumably this meat scoffing is to assure us that it was not she who did the deadly deed. ie. killing the poor unfortunate girl labelled horribly by the mysterious aloof and presumably werewolf or anti-werewolf with an ancient grudge or vengeance. Who we met earlier in a bar.

Did I mention that when Elena comes back from wherever she’s been: she comes home in a different outfit. Which is odd. She has gone to get coffee and umpteen hamburgers (yes-we geddit. She needs meat).

However the last we saw of her apart from a mysterious white werewolfy dog running in the forest: was when she takes off her evening dress, high heels and everything, in a corner of an alleyway. And hides them all under a pile of rubbish.

This outfit wasn’t the most obvious one to throw on in the middle of the night when she jumps out of bed and leaves her fiance’ behind. Because she is feeling the urge. Not that urge. (you had to be there) Yep she goes all yellow eyed. And we all know what that means..
But I digress.

My point was, where did Elena change outfits? Oh well. Perhaps we are not meant to notice such stuff.

Anyway, fairly obviously in her perfect perfect life Elena is feeling overwhelmed by the overbearing (supposedly) womenfolk of her fiance’. Comprising a serenely sunnily smiling sister who seems to go everywhere wearing a sort of handkerchief shaped red kaftan top. Which is particularly hideous. OK. In my opinion..

The sister burbles approving at Elena’s forthcoming marriage. And also Elena’s portfolio of photographs. When they meet for coffee. Are you bored yet? ‘Cause I was -by then.

Point is this portfolio of Elena’s photography was full of black and white photos of naked men. Well artfully clipped parts of them. Most odd. This is all for an upcoming exhibition apparently.

The photos had a strong resemblance to the fiance’. This is all reminding me of those jolly psychological thrillers from the nineties. On VHS Video that I used to rent from the library.
To be continued.

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