Bitten-A Canadian supernatural drama. Instalment Three-The Pack is my third in a set of write-up on Episodes One and Two of Bitten. Minor Spoilers Only. This instalment follows on from Instalment Number Two-Stonehaven posted on 25th June 2016 and Instalment Number One- Elena posted 21st June 2016. On in the UK on SyFy Channel.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Bitten Series One- Series TV Description:
“Catch up with Syfy’s howling new drama Bitten and follow the dangerous struggle of the world’s only female Werewolf”.

Episode One.
TV Description:
Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, is summoned home from her city life after an unsanctioned werewolf attack on a human”.

Rated 15 “Contains Adult themes”.

Episode Two.
TV Description:
“Elena arrives at Stonehaven where her past catches up with her. Human boyfriend Phillip meets Logan; will he learn too much?”.


Series One.
Instalment Three/ 3.

The Pack.
All of the werewolf pack have now arrived at Stonehaven. Elena meets her ex-lover Clay. Does he still hold a torch for Elena?

The werewolves practice their hand to hand combat skills in a spectacular fashion in the Stonehaven grounds.

Three members of the pack go on a tracking expedition. Will they be able to trace the trail of the killer?

And Elena finds herself subject to a cringe-worthy soft focus flashback..


The Pack
It becomes apparent that the equally expressionless male werewolf characters were picked for more than their wolfish handsomeness. As I first thought.

As it transpires that the men are also kick-ass fighters too. In hand to hand combat. That is when they are humans obviously. As is-amazingly- Elena. Since she is so prissily perfect an all. You don’t expect her to want to mess up her hair.

But Lo and Behold as Elena has extricated yet another outfit (that’s three so far in one day) out of her bowling bag that she bought with her: she is going all black belt martial arts expert in a dinky tracksuit. Out in the capacious garden at the Stonehaven Estate.
Where the pack meet.

I did silently predict to myself already- a while back -that Elena would miraculously have fit umpteen outfits into that tiny bag. I was right.

Also I had decided that her generally perfect coiffure would soon be getting all mussed up and alternative and generally kick ass all round. Right again.

Elena already went evil on the guy with a line in the cafe’. However that was when she had a black leather jacket on . Universal symbol of left-fieldness in drama in perpetuity now.

But I digress. The werewolf guys had to look wolfishly handsome, be excellent fighters and have six pack stomachs. That must have been the casting call requirements for at least several of them.

One werewolf is less six pack more roadie for a band so officially alternative and presumably doesn’t have to take his shirt off. Yet.

One werewolf guy is ostensibly Italian or just lives there. Hence he has to fulfill his stereotype and cook pans of something while uttering Italian phrases.

What he (the Italian werewolf) was cooking was unclear. The pack don’t eat it anyway. (I think this cooking was just there for the scene) Because the table is groaning with meat.

Yes, cold meat, cooked meat, meat in piles, meat in chunks. They eat meat. We geddit. They’re werewolves.

The best and most enjoyable bits of Bitten so far is when characters change into werewolves. They are far more animated and interesting as Computer Generated Image/ C.G.I wolves.

Oh yes and changing into werewolves necessitates a fair bit of standing around in your pants. Well for the men. As Elena always scuttles off discreetly and stands in a corner.

One minute she’s wearing one of those shiny cardigans (long) that have no fastenings in the middle and only ever seemingly American actresses and Halle Berry in Extanct wear. (Extanct-series One)

Next minute-well at least she got out of that dreadful outfit.

Yes the werewolves have moveable faces too. Elena is a white one. They can growl. Hugely impressively. And later, things get a bit interesting (this is the pants scenario) when Elena and two men from the pack go tracking.

I say interesting because the night changes to bilious fluorescent green and the shot dips downwards. We are looking through their eyes. Supposedly. Infra red night vision I suppose.

However I enjoyed this ultra-violet sort of interlude. Hey, Bitten might even get cool.

Plus the the werewolves joke about one person’s pants. Which are a style from the East Village we hear. Bohemian I presume Or nowadays known as hipster perhaps..

Point is perhaps Bitten doesn’t take itself too seriously.


To be continued.

(sourced 25th June 2016-quoted from Wikipedia)

Character list:
Jeremy Danvers-Pack Alpha Leader.

Members of the werewolf pack:
Clayton/ Clay name of Elena’s ex-lover.
Logan Johnson-Lawyer (not Psychologist like I thought)
Antonio Sorrentino.
Nicole Sorrentino-Antonio’s son.
Peter Myers.

Phillip McAdam-Elena’s live in boyfriend.
Dianne-Phillip’s sister.
Anne-Mother of Phillip, Dianne and Judith.

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