A re-posting of my original mini-potted Review written in September 2013 of the first few episodes of Series One Of Orphan Black. Orphan Black Series Four is now out on Netflix along with Series One, Two and Three. Orphan Black is a Netflix Original.

Thursday, 2 June 2016
This mini-potted review of Orphan Black Series One, the first few episodes- is taken from notes to my readers of some new series-
Sunday, 29 September 2013.

Orphan Black Series One.
Orphan Black: My Review

On first few episodes.
This is great and hugely enjoyable. I have seen the first two episodes which were shown together. This is
available on i-player.

It would be hard to write much about Orphan Black without seriously spoilering it. Plus it is one of those shows that resists such efforts at concentration for me and calls out instead for a tub of chocolate ice cream and a grin.

I will say that if features a heroine, her foster brother who actually nearly acts her off the screen and a
Policeman named Art. See even that is a spoiler.

The Cameramen, I can describe, seem to fall subject to some calamity whenever our heroine has her pants/knickers on. Since uncountably he seems to be filming from the floor.

Having missed the first few minutes which had, as i later discovered in checking, handily contained a train Driver’s announcement of a station. I was convinced Orphan Black was set in London.

There was the train, the station platform. Quite why i was convinced a train and a platform were definitely British i don’t exactly know.

It looked like the train came into a tube station.

The lady on the train who looked in horror when our heroine exclaimed “shit” and who clutched her child tighter. That might have been a clue. At one point our heroine and her foster brother go to a Pub and he orders Guinness. That was what convinced me it was London.

But no, a lot is explained by finding out that it is a BBC American series but made and produced in Canada. & filmed in Canada. Ahah.

I was fully convinced it was in the UK./ London until i saw the Policemen’s uniforms. That was the clue. (well a later clue)

As mentioned before on here, I like Canadian productions. They are fresh and different. (i even watched Rookie Blue for a while)

I am a firm fan of LA Complex.(before that Intelligence was good but sadly cut short.)

I am intrigued as to what will happen next. So far Orphan Black has been delightful & different. To see a woman heroine do some things that, of all the dramas i have seen, no female character has done before.

Plus i want her wardrobe. Not the wardrobe you understand.

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