A Canadian supernatural series. On SyFy Channel in the UK. Instalment Number Two. My description of the instalment is entitled Stonehaven. This is the second instalment of a set of write-ups on the first two episode of Bitten Series One and follows on from Instalment One posted on 21st June 2016. Minor Spoilers Only.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bitten-Series One.
Bitten Series One- Series TV Description:
“Catch up with Syfy’s howling new drama Bitten and follow the dangerous struggle of the world’s only female Werewolf”.

Nb. Bitten is based on “Women of The Otherworld” by Kelley Armstrong.


Episode One.
TV Description:
Elena Michaels, the world’s only female werewolf, is summoned home from her city life after an unsanctioned werewolf attack on a human”.

Rated 15 “Contains Adult themes”.

Episode Two.
TV Description:
“Elena arrives at Stonehaven where her past catches up with her. Human boyfriend Phillip meets Logan; will he learn too much?”.

Series One.
Instalment Number Two/ 2:

Elena travels to the mansion in the woods. Stonehaven. The home of the piercingly eyed and handsome landowner, Jeremy Danvers. He is the head of the werewolf pack. Jeremy has called all the werewolves:”home”. To Stonehaven.

Elena finds herself travelling back in time. In a flashback. In soft focus..


Bitten is reminiscent of a TV/ tele-movie. You know the ones they only have on in the afternoon. As well as some kind of classic but now I suppose seen as slightly lame- psychological thriller. From back in the day as described.

Tele/ Television movies used to be the main movies before they got to be seen as uncool.. But I digress. Other than to say I have a secret penchant for Tele-movies- they have their place. If you’re in the mood.

Such dramas may seem plebeian even plastic in comparison to today. (as in plastic people perhaps) But they are reliable. Whatever doom laden scenario tenseful psychological drama or ghost story plays out-they always have a happy ending.

Talking about plastic people- unfortunately most of the characters of Bitten come to mind. In fact Stepford werewolves might be more apt a title. Although strictly speaking this term can only apply to women. As it comes form the film- Stepford wives.

And the worst transgressor in Bitten though there are many candidates: is unfortunately the heroine. And in her case her face is not so much plastic but robotic. A state of complete immovability in fact. Aetiology a certain Botulism pathogen in minute amounts. Possibly. Hey- I might be wrong.

However in spite of being uniformly unenthralling- Bitten, overall, is warming up to look like rather good fun. Hey, I’ve written this much bout it. And I kept returning to the episode I had given up on. And watched some more: which is quite something considering the last I saw of the heroine she was safely ensconced on her impossibly weather-beaten chic attic room at Stonehaven. (the home of The Pack)

She (Elena) was rather ludicrously mooning about and had most recently placed her palm against the the attic sloped roof. Outside of which, for some unexplained reason- her ex-lover and wolfishly handsome previously described University lecturer-was sitting outside on the roof. She must know- see. She has super duper senses.

I forgot to mention I think-that Werewolves, her included have hypersensitive hearing . Which usefully means that they can hear muted conversations from across the room. I guess he was mooning about the place. Geddit. Moon..

Bitten is full of dreadful puns like this. Already the heroine’s suspiciously pink faced, in fact portrayed as pretty pinkish all over- human boyfriend, has inadvertently punned. By saying to Elena: I hope I didn’t put Logan (impossibly suave but unlikely Psychologist werewolf) “in the doghouse”!


To be continued.

I have since found out the following cast list:
(sourced 25th June 2016-quoted from Wikipedia)

Character list:
Jeremy Danvers-Pack Alpha Leader
Members of the pack:
Clayton/ Clay name of Elena’s ex-lover.
Logan Johnson-Lawyer (not Psychologist like I thought)
Antonio Sorrentino
Nicole Sorrentino-Antonio’s son.
Peter Myers

Phillip McAdam-Elena’s live in boyfriend
Dianne-Phillip’s sister.
Anne-Mother of Phillip and Dianne and Judith

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